Hoping With the Hummingbirds


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As I sat on the deck and looked out over the beautiful greenery, I took a deep breath and held it in.  I didn’t want to disturb the lovely birds that were whirring above my head.  

     I gently released my breath and stayed very still, not wanting to draw any attention to myself.  All around me one, two, three, four.  I counted five little hummingbirds racing, zipping, blipping to and from the bright red feeder next to me.

The trees completely engulfed the deck and the day was cool with much cloud coverage.  As I watched from high above on the deck, I could look out and see the tops of shrubs, bushes and trees.  While relaxing in the laughter of my family below, and glancing down at the fish pond that was directly beneath me, I breathed in the warm inviting smells of summer, and felt a peace that I had not experienced for months.

Below me, I could see things that I could not completely take in at ground level.  There were my three little nephews racing about and chasing after one another.  My little niece was soaring high on the swing set near the garage, while my brother-in-laws engaged in some fishing story from days gone by.  Guests milled about chomping happily on their luscious marble cake and hugging one another, as little twigs laid along the lawn, delicately placed by the sticky fingers of young children, spelled out “Congratulations, Graduate.”

The whirr was loud in my ear again and snapped be back to my thoughts.  I watched the hummingbirds peck back and forth while they tasted the sweet nectar from the feeder and buzzed by my head so quickly that I questioned if I ever saw them at all.

Between tree branches, I could see the barn and the chickens pecking and hear the rooster crow, while my family was walking the trail between the house and the barn.

Life was freer up here.  The air, as well as my head, was clear.  I thought about the phrase “a bird’s eye view” and understood it more than I ever had before.  Far up, above the noise of human chatter, above the clucking of the chicks and the flops of the fish in the pool, I saw into the distance.

I understood things that hadn’t made sense before.  I had a different viewpoint.

There will be times when we just don’t get it. 

We can’t see things that we wish we could, or understand the why’s of this or that.  There will be times when we just want to see all of the infinite details and make sense of each piece….but we can’t.  We’re looking from the vantage point of being even with all of the surrounding circumstances.  We’re on the ground. 

God has the ultimate advantage of having a bird’s eye view.  He looks down and sees everything….past…present and future…and knows how it ultimately will fit together and work for our good….even when it seems confusing, hurtful, and hopeless.

His Word tells us “Without faith it is impossible to please Him.” Hebrews 11:6.  Yet, in our humanness, at times we only see what’s on ground level.

The wind is starting to blow a little harder, and the hummingbirds are flitting about my head and it dawns on me for today, I rejoice that I am with them way up high.  I rejoice that as I look below and take in the many pieces of my life, for this moment I understand these things:  God is good, I am thankful for my family, I can see beauty for miles, and God has a better perspective of what’s happening as He sits above us watching us and simply asking us to trust Him.

For today..I remain hopeful in the thought that God is in charge….and for just now..I relish in that hope…next to the hummingbirds.