Thankful in the Moment


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Jn. 10:10b “I came so they can have real and eternal life.  More and better life than they ever dreamed of.”


Today’s society mandates that we will move, we will be busy, we will never stop.  What flashes, flies, flits in front of us, must do that, and must continually do that.

My husband and I recently watched a popular tv show where contestants perform their song, dance, or talent and get chosen to move to the next level.  But, it amazed us as we watched time and time again, where the judges x’d them out, because they were “bored.” 

Uh huh.  So in other words, if we’re not moving faster and faster, holding your attention with some amazing feat, but doing it so quickly that your brain doesn’t have time to absorb, we’re a failure.  That amuses me.

“That’s boring.”  “That’s old.”  “That’s out of style.”  “We used to do that back when Noah was on the ark.”

Here’s something to ponder with me today.  What if we slow down and are thankful for the moment in the moment.  Nothing has to flash or blip. Nothing has to bleep or flicker.  We shut down all electronics and go back to real life.  Your boss will still be there waiting.  Your neighbor will still be there waiting.  Your veterinarian will still be there waiting. 


But, what if you and I just determined to live in the moment?  What would happen?

Recently, I’ve been challenging myself with this line of thought.  I tend to be so busy that I worry about the next thing, and the next thing.  I don’t normally live in the here and now….I’m too worried about the  “next up” and “then what.”  But lately, I’ve been turning off the phone, the computer, the tv, and even my precious music and living in the moment.

I found myself driving home from seeing sweet Grandma Mary yesterday, and I looked out at the green fields of corn, opened up the sunroof and let the sun and cool breeze blow through the car, and through the cobwebs of my brain, and I felt that great feeling.  You know the one where you inhale the sweet air of summer and feel the warmth of sun and feel a release, a freedom that says  “I’m here, it’s now, and I’m alive.” I’m having more and more of those “in the moment” moments.

Last Sunday I sat in the boat at the lake with Niece Katie, Grandma, husband-Farmer Dean, and my nephew, Derek.  Derek was born with cerebral palsy.  He has a great attitude about everything.  But something caught my attention on Sunday.  It was something new and different.

Uncle Gary was on a knee board behind the boat, and the whir of the engine was loud, but not as loud as we were with our shouts and whoops and hollers.  We were enjoying the beautiful blue waters, the warm sunshine, the cool crisp breeze, and laughing together as we watched Gary perfect his moves on the water.  And it happened….suddenly….Derek looked at Grandma and he said something so profound…he said…

                                                                                      “I’m so happy.”

A young man of 21 who has lived inside the walls of “can’ts” and “don’ts,” who has limited use of his arms and no use of his legs…and he says the simple phrase “I’m so happy.”

Grandma answered him and said, “So am I, Derek, so am I.”

Why?  Why were they so happy?  Not because they focused on what they didn’t have or couldn’t do.  Not because they focused on the fact that neither of them would ever be knee boarding.  But the simple fact was…they were embracing the moment.  They were there, grasping and holding tightly to the good things in life.  Beauty, family, love, laughter, time.  And they relished it.

Stop and look at your life today.  Are you racing?  Are you stopping to live in the moment? Not in the moment of all of the bad things.  Not in the moment of what you could have, should have, would have done. 

 But in the very essence, of the very moment, of now.  Can you be thankful for the sunshine? For the crisp air?  For the fact that you are alive?

You and I have only one life.  Let’s really live it.  And let’s not just watch it pass us by like a blip, or a flash or a flicker.  Instead, let’s live in the moments that make up who we are.  Let’s live right now.  Not just a better life.  Our best life.