The Church Journey: Almost Here


Today is bright and sunny with a cool whisper of a fall breeze floating through the windows.  I have warm banana bread sliced with melting butter dripping off of one of Grandma’s plates, and a fresh brewed glass of tea with a slice of lemon floating to the top of an old pink glass that belonged to Great Aunt Edie.  I’m ready to enjoy this short break from writing, but something is disturbingly wrong.  After I ponder for a moment, I realize it’s the silence….it’s almost eerie. 

For the past few weeks, since the church’s arrival, there have been saws buzzing, hammers pounding, and the rumble of trucks arriving and departing.  As I have worked from my office, I have looked out the window longingly, waiting for the moments that I can sit at my desk in the church and think, pray, and create.  

Today is Monday.  I am counting the days, and have been earnestly marking them off the calendar with a big black pen, crossing each one as it passes, while counting the minutes and waiting for Thursday.  

When Thursday arrives, Matt and the moving crew will arrive and drop the steeple into its spot on the roof and drop the church onto its new foundation.  When the steeple returns to its home location on the roof, it will once again look like its sweet self, Frank Lake Covenant Church, instead of just a little white building from 1900. 

When Thursday arrives, it means that the church is 1 foot closer to me and that Farmer Dean will then get in and push some dirt around the front so that I can make my way through the front doors and embrace the feeling of “home” once more. 

Farmer Dean has diligently spent hours looking for old doors for me.  Somehow, the new doors at Menards just did not call to me, but the old doors from a home up north, that were now for sale at the antique store in Alex, were calling to both of us.  Those doors work inside, but the front doors are in need of replacement.  I am sure that we will find them, but winter is pursuing us as I look over my shoulder, and our desire to get everything sealed and situated before snow flies is nagging at the back of our minds. 

The spot around the steeple, where there had been a slight leak onto the tin ceiling and back wall inside, will be patched up and sealed, as Carpenter Al does his meticulous work, all the while seeming to know everything about anything. 

I have arranged my first worship rehearsal for next month, and the tv crew is coming once again to see us settled into the building.  I smile as I think of the last day they were here, as it was so hot and I was so afraid to climb the tall ladder and make my way into the kitchen.  I try not to think of the distance between the ground and my feet, and smile at the thought of threatening to make Dean bring me ice tea, blankets, and piano music, as I feared I’d never get out. 

The moments are ticking by and it will soon be Monday afternoon.  The leaves are making their way up the steps of my back porch as the trees are gently blowing a kind hello to the church next door.  I am making my way out shortly to say what I say everyday….thank you, God, thank you Dennis & Marie and the others who sold the building, and hello Frank Lake Church…..soon…we will begin our work together…..the time is almost here.



  1. Kathleen Sogge09-10-12

    I’m so excited Kathy! And I love those silver poplar trees around the church! They look like they have always been there together!They match the church! God is So good!!