Along the Road


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I see life as a journey.  An adventure.  A road.

Along the road I’ve been traveling, there have been people.


This past week….I’ve met them, stopped to rest and chat, have listened, have observed, have learned and have pondered.

The journey emits facets of colors like a beautiful piece of crystal, brought out into the sunlight.

The colors represent the personalities of these people, and how they completely differ, and yet at times are the same.

This week I encountered kindness.  My husband, tired from working a 50+ hour week, painted the old paneling at the church.  I was grateful.

This week I encountered courage.  My child had a horrible test to try to pass, and I watched her in turmoil, but in the end her courage won out and she passed.

This week I encountered sadness.  A friend of mine was overcome with depression over some horrific circumstances.  I reached out to offer comfort and love.

This week I encountered competition.  A leader of a ministry did not want to work together with our ministry, because she thought we were their competition.

This week I encountered hope.  Doors that had once been closed were now opening.

This week I encountered forgiveness.  I saw people who had hurt deeply, and hurt me deeply.  I took God’s trail that He pointed out, and left the beaten path to offer hugs, sincere interest, and an I’m sorry.

This week I encountered rejection.  I friend-requested someone on facebook, someone from a place where I had served.  I received a benign comment and no acceptance to my olive branch offering of peace.

This week I encountered excitement.  As we are working on our next issue of our magazine, YOUR BEST,  Shannon Wexelberg, a Christian worship artist that I have loved for many years,  has given me an interview.  I feel incredible, life-giving, motivating excitement from the very core of my being.

This week I encountered tenacity.  The journey I’ve been traveling allowed me to meet someone who was bitter and resentful.  I would not be pushed, shoved or moved from my stance with God and remained tenacious for the path He had set me on. 

This week I encountered hopelessness.  My mother is a widow now.  At 82 years of age, at times, she offers up a plea of not knowing how to go on without my father.

This week I encountered control.  Someone who thinks differently from me, wants me to do something with the ministry that I don’t believe God is leading me to do.  I prayed for discernment.  I felt they were operating out of what was the old sinful nature that creeps into every single one of us, and makes us want to push others awhen we want our way.

This week I encountered frustration.  My youngest daughter and her husband are trying to find a place to live now that she has a new job.  Rent or own?  She is beyond frustrated.

This week I encountered love.  When I looked across the room at the man I’m married to, I thanked God for how wonderful he is to me and to my girls.

This week I encountered pride.  I have watched this past week as all three of my girls have worked hard to accomplish what they set out to do.  They come from a broken family (their father and I divorced 13 years ago) and they don’t have alot of support from their dad.  They do, however, have alot of support from their step-dad, me, and their grandparents.  This past week, each one faced tough situations and they were able to rise above them.  I’m proud to see how God is forming and shaping them, and how their being molded into wonderful young women.

This week I encountered passion.  I have a passion for life.  I have a passion to encourage women to live their best life.  As I continue to work daily towards conferences, developing relationships, solving problems, creating devotionals and editing magazines, I feel alive.  I feel hopeful.  I feel faith-filled.  I feel grateful.

One day, when I worked in a law office, my boss put down his work and looked at me.  “What’s wrong?” he asked.  “It hurts to care,” I stated.  “No, no!” he said adamantly.  “The world needs people like you.  It needs people who feel things deeply.  Why?  Because they care deeply.  They care and things matter.  Don’t ever feel badly that you believe it hurts to care about people and situations, or life for that fact.  No!  Embrace it.”


The world needs more people who feel, who care, and who walk on this journey experiencing facets of life.  It’s your life.  You’ve only got one to live.  Get your shoes on and start walking.  I hear the path calling us both!