Our Plans or God’s Best


“Many are the plans in a man’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19:21P1000599 

The day was challenging at best, as my middle daughter looked across the table and said, “I can’t do this.  I can’t move to another state and leave my family behind, my boyfriend, my friends … I just can’t do it!” 

Have you ever been in this kind of situation before?  It’s the kind of situation where you see something really great for someone, whether it’s your mom, your sister, your cousin, your neighbor, and they just can’t see it, they just don’t get it, and they remain frozen in fear.  That’s the kind of moment I was having with my child. 

Chandra was hanging around with friends who were making her “less than her best.”  She was taking care of them, and they were offering her nothing but chaos.  She was living in an apartment with those girls, but didn’t even have her own room.  Her boyfriend wasn’t the right fit, and our family knew that as we watched her continually struggling to “make things work.” 

And yet … in this moment, she didn’t want to leave the path she was on, but I saw that path as destruction and one that definitely was not her best life.  I had no choice, I pulled the trump card out of my back pocket and brought in my friend, Pat, (who was also a child psychologist) to chat with her and said to him, “We need your help.”  Chandra told Pat everything.  Pat, a very kind and loving father to his own children, walked Chandra through the whole thing, her present state of living, friendships, finances, and relationships,  and as she talked to him, she felt better. 

Two weeks past by as Dean, Chandra and I walked through the halls of the chiropractic college in Kansas, that Chandra had chosen to attend over the next three years.  She was elated.  People were kind, the feeling was bright and airy, and it felt like Chandra … highly motivational, pleasant, hard-working atmosphere, with dedicated staff.  Dean and I were relieved and thanking God.  Chandra stood strong, only crying briefly, yet facing her fears. 

Finding an apartment for her was a challenge, but God provided a lovely, sunny main floor apartment that she could afford, and she settled into her new life. 

Over three years have passed by and I am once againlooking across the table at my child.  She is beautiful.  She is elated.  Her smile is never ending as today is the business card luncheon at her chiropractic college.  The president calls my child’s name and she walks up so happily accepting the path that God has placed her on, three years ago she was fighting it … and now joyfully succumbed to it. 

Chandra’s wonderful doctor-husband, Justin, is seated next to Grandma Leta and me, and he fills up my glass of ice tea and smiles at Chandra, leaning over to kiss her on the forehead. 

This was not Chandra’s plan.  This was not how she saw herself.  She was going to keep herself where she was comfortable, in the chaos, in the less-than-God’s-best, corner of her world.

But God, in His infinite wisdom, came in, pushed, prodded, yet ultimately allowed Chandra to make her choice, and blessed her when she followed His direction and His path for her.  

On that new path, she received fabulous new friends, a beautiful place to live, a great place to learn, and an amazing husband who loves her and cares for her. 

I cannot help myself and I begin to cry now.  It is too good.  It is a representation of a mighty God who gives us His best … not ours

And for today … I look at that brilliant blonde girl receiving her cards, and I smile and remember the day she said to me, at age 3, “Mama, I want to be a doctor.”  God is so good. 

Where are you at today?  Are you at a place that you feel stuck?  Are you living a less-than-your-best life, because YOU have chosen things that aren’t good for you, a job that doesn’t fit, or people around you who are a negative influence. 

It’s time to go before God and ask Him for HIS plan. 

It’s time to face your fears … and move forward on the path meant for you.

  1. Kathleen Sogge10-16-13

    I’m so happy for all of you! Yes God has done a great work of restoration in Chandra and your whole family!!! Woo Whoo God!
    Congrats Chanda! You are a beautiful woman inside and out!!!