The What-Ifs and the What-Nexts?


Matthew 9:21-22  … “… If I only touch His cloak I will be healed.  Jesus turned, and seeing her He said, “Take heart, daughter; your faith has made you well.” And instantly the woman was made well.


HumilitySo many times in life, we are faced with the “what-ifs.”  My husband, Farmer Dean, loves the “what-ifs.”  He uses them all the time.  “What if it doesn’t work?” he asks me.  Or, “What if we can’t get the financing?” he’ll question. “What if they don’t call us back?” he’ll say.  It’s his default button, and perhaps if you’re truly honest, it may just be yours as well. 

The old “what-ifs” interfere with faith.  They quietly sneak in the back entrance, look for a place to take up residence, and before you know it, they are operating in full force, inside the home of your heart. 

What-ifs are the questions and doubt that come to the surface whenever we’re faced with problems, circumstances beyond our control, or difficult life events.  Everyone has those and so everyone, at one time or another, is faced with the doubting, nagging, questions that creep into our brain.  What if this happens or that happens. 

Life is hard and at times it’s very hard to gather up faith.  Moses wants to know “what if” he can’t speak eloquently enough.  Jonah wants to know “what if” they don’t believe me.   Esther wants to know “what if” the King won’t see her.  And Daniel wonders “what if” the lion really does eat me up. 

I believe that “what ifs” are inevitable.  But when we allow the what ifs to grow, expand, and take over, that’s where the issue lies. 

Over the past wonderful nine years of being partnered with Farmer Dean, I have learned to interrupt the worried questions of the old “what ifs.”  I have replaced them with “what nows?” 

Deano will walk in the house and say, “what if this doesn’t work?” and I will respond, “Then we will ask God and say, ‘What now, God?’”  In faith, I say to God … “That didn’t work … what now?”  I’m not looking for the doubt before something happens, I’m looking for the faith in what WILL happen.

Here’s the bottom line … in this passage in Matthew (chapter 9), a woman has been bleeding for twelve years.  For the average woman, it’s a nuisance to have to bleed for seven days, but twelve years had to be a difficult journey, at best.  This woman hides in the crowd, perhaps even embarrassed at her request; after all, she has to talk about a very personal issue.  She doesn’t face him, she comes up behind him, carefully, gently, reaching out to just touch Jesus’ cloak.  She won’t bother Him, she’ll just believe and draw from His power.  She has no “what ifs.”  She isn’t worried and creating a big amount of drama with … “what if He sends me away, or what if he thinks I’m crazy, or what if he won’t heal me because He’s too busy.”  She is past the “what ifs.”  She’s down to the “what nows.”  And she has faith so she has even moved on to the “what nexts.”  Consequently, her faith heals her.  Jesus says in verse 22, “…your faith has healed you.”  She believed.  She received.  She is changed. 

Where are you at today, with your level of faith?  Are you remembering that we are created by a mighty and powerful God?  He has your best interests at hand every single day of your life.  He knows you, loves you, and sees what’s happening. 

Chase away the “what ifs” from your soul today.  Open up the windows of a fresh breeze of faith, and as you look up to the Heavens … say to God, “What now, God?  What next?”


  1. Kathleen Sogge07-02-13

    Love it!! You have such a way with words & the Word!!