The Resurrection


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Jesus said, “I am the resurrection and the life … “

ResurrectionBy: Kathy A. Weckwerth

The body is laid to rest. The stone had been rolled tightly shut.  The rope was wrapped tightly across the tomb and sealed in wax at each end so no one could move the stone without breaking the seal.

The first light of dawn breaks and the two Marys are headed to the tomb to keep watch.  No one will steal the body … no man will upset the grave.

The women are distressed.  They have that sickening feeling … the one where you wake up and wish it was all a bad dream.  It’s the feeling where you hope and pray that what has happened is not so, and yet you wake up to find out it is.

As they walk towards the tomb, the earth begins to shake and their footing against the dirt path is unsettled, just as their hearts and minds have been.  What is happening now they wonder?

There, in front of them, is a bright light , a shining white, penetrating light, and then they see it, an angel … The Angel of the Lord.  They begin to shake. The hair on the back of their neck stands up.  Gooseflesh covers their arms.   Nothing has been as terrifying as what they witnessed just a few days before…watching the death of their Savior as He suffered on the cross.  But now the fear is back and creeping up their spine.

The Roman guards have been keeping watch.  They are taken aback at the shaking of the ground underneath them, but as they look up, they are also frozen in fear, as the angel rolls back the stone.  The huge, heavy rock that tried to detain and hold ransom a King of Kings, is moved by one brilliant, lightning -blazing angel, as he sits on the rock and says to the women, “There is nothing to fear here. I know you’re looking for Jesus, the One they nailed to the cross.  He is not here.  He was raised, just as he said.  Come and look at the place where He was placed.  Now get on your way quickly and tell His disciples, ‘He is risen from the dead.’ He is going on ahead of you to Galilee.  You will see Him there, that’s the message.”

They are elated.  Could this be true? They catch their breath.  The fear has turned to excitement.  They look at each other and exclaim with joy … RUN … don’t walk …

Let’s RUN and tell the news … He is alive!

And before they can get but a few feet down the path, there He is….their Savior.  He’s standing in front of them with the look of love and forgiveness in His eyes. There He is.  There is the same One who was crucified.  The One who bled, was tortured and suffered stood in front of them.  He was back … just as He said. And He welcomes them and tells them to not be afraid but to go and tell His disciples He will meet them.

He is Life.  The Author of Life…the Everlasting Life….the way, the truth and the Life…The Resurrection and the Life.

This same Savior….this same Life-Giver wants you to know that He has come to give you a better life.  And to know Him…to walk with Him means that it’s not just a better life…..The Author of your life came to give you your Best Life.  That is the message.  Go run.  Go tell it.  He is a life- Savior.

“…the angel up on the tombstone said He is risen just as He said

Quickly now, go tell his disciples that Jesus Christ is no longer dead….Hallelujah…He’s risen…Hallelujah.”  (Keith Green)