Best Life’s Favorite Summer Table Setting for under $25


By Farmer Dean and Kathy Weckwerth

Out at the farm, there is little chance of seeing water anywhere, except in your vivid imagination.  So, every once and awhile, Farmer Dean and I like to pretend that instead of the field of corn behind the house, we create an illusion of the sea by a small grove of trees.  How can you create this illusion in your own backyard?  Well, here are a couple of tips that the Farmer and I put together.  Who knew he’d be the mover and lifter to my creativity?

Step 1-Gather your props


1. FREE TABLE.Dean and I pulled out of our garage a 6 foot table that our daughter gave to us (she was throwing it out.)

Next, we strategically placed it at an angle in front of our grove of trees.

2.   CHAIRS FREE   Dean carried out seven mismatched chairs from our garage, basement, and dining room, and placed around the table.

3.  We went to Menards and found a heavy canvas drop cloth for $7.99 and used as a table cloth.

4.  I utilized my 7 white plates for simplicity that I acquired at Goodwill for .49 each.

5.  Then, we pulled out 7 (I only got 7 from the Salvation Army) blue glasses.  .99 each.

6.  I found a small light house candle holder for .99 at a garage sale.

7.  Out of the cupboard at the old church, I pulled out my Grandma Florence’s old crock and put our silverware into the container, displaying it on the corner where everyone can grab as they take their seat.


STEP 2-Set the Table

7.  Down the center of the table I draped a piece of burlap.  (Walmart $2.99)

8.  Dean and I scattered seashells, given to us by Grandma Fern, and an old camera of Dad’s, to give a traveling-to-the- seashore-feel.

9.  I finished the setting off by tying some burlap twine around each napkin ($1.99 Walmart).

Here’s the finished look for $24.30:

P1050569 P1050576