Bottom Line Movie Review~God’s Not Dead 2


Bottom Line Movie Review

God's not dead 2God’s Not Dead 2

Rating:  PG

Running Time:  2 hours

Since Farmer Dean and I loved the God’s Not Dead movie and lined up in our small hometown to see it at the local theater, we were excited to take a short afternoon break from work and drive to a neighboring city for God’s Not Dead 2,  the 2nd installment of the movie.

With an all-star cast of returning characters (Pat Boone, David A. R. White (as Rev. Dave), Benjamin A. Onyango (as Rev. Jude) and the Newsboys, this movie had an impressive list of big screen names for their lead roles (Melissa Joan Hart as Grace Wesley, along with other names like Robin Givens, Ernie Hudson, Jesse Metcalf, and Ray Wise.  Performances by Mike Huckabee, and two well-known authors, Lee Strobel and J. Warner Wallace, make the movie believable and interesting.

The plot journeys with school teacher, Grace Wesley, as she answers a question from a student that starts this exciting plot in motion.  A lawsuit is brought against the teacher for talking about Jesus Christ (as a historical figure) in her classroom.

You might be asking yourself if this could ever happen.  It already is happening.  With the United States allowing less and less opportunity to talk about Jesus, the removal of the pledge of allegiance and prayer, our government is moving in to make it more difficult to live out your freedom of religion.

When the case moves into the courtroom, the opposing counsel is determined to once again try to prove that God is indeed dead.

Once again, the Newsboys finish the storyline with an upbeat tune.

Farmer Dean and I found ourselves crying about three times during the movie.  I found myself (a long ago legal assistant) objecting to opposing counsels questions, upset, angry, challenged, and blessed.

After the spilled popcorn was tossed, and the milk dud box was emptied, we compared notes on what God told us during those 120 minutes.  Farmer Dean and I agreed … we know there are more people who are committed to God, His Word, His truth and His Son, Jesus, then we realize.  AND … there’s more light shining than we declare.

Bottom Line:  This movie is a great film for anyone who is feeling concern or pressure over our continued trouble in the nation.  It’s truthful, it’s well written, and it has moments that fill you with emotions!  Go see it today … or for sure, rent it when it comes out.

God’s Not Dead.  He’s Surely Alive.