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The Bottom Line Movie Review With Rob Proper

The Bottom Line with Rob Proper

Hidden Figures


Run Time: 2 hours 7 minutes


My wife Stephanie and I took our two daughters to see the movie Hidden Figures. It is the remarkable story of a group of African-American women known as “computers,” who worked for NASA as mathematicians, computer programmers and engineers during an influential time in the shaping of our country, the Civil Rights movement. It is an amazing story of unity, given to us in a time when, frankly, our country feels like it is moving more toward division.


This movie was heartwarming and heartbreaking in addressing race and gender equality issues and it was wonderfully encouraging that at several points during the movie our daughters would lean over to us in confusion and ask, “Why won’t they drink from the same coffee pot?” “Why is she going so far away just to use the bathroom?” “Why are they mad at Russia for getting into space first, didn’t that help the whole world?”


Perhaps, the most profound question was when my eight year old asked what segregation was. When we explained it to her she said, “I don’t understand”… neither do we. They ask, because they just don’t understand discrimination against people because of their race, or gender, or even being from a different country. God calls us to love our neighbors, all of them and this story does an excellent job of reminding us of what can happen when we don’t just live for ourselves.

Hidden Figures stars Taraji P. Henson, Octavia Spencer, and Janelle Monáe all portray strong, determined women. One of my favorite scenes in the movie is when Octavia Spencer’s character, who has been seeking a promotion, refuses to leave behind the team of women that she has been working with just to achieve her own gain. It is remarkable to think how far these women were able to get because of their perseverance and their uplifting of one another.


One of the things I have long loved about our country is the melting pot ideal; so many ingredients coming together for something better. I can’t help but wonder how many untold stories have gone into the world we live in. Hidden Figures is a story that reminds us of the sad places we used to be and where we still have a need to go.


Bottom line: It is my sincere hope that all audiences would see this film and come away inspired to be better neighbors. Inspired to encourage, nurture and uplift all of the lives we touch. Jesus pours out love into us, so that we may in turn pour into others. When we love one another, encourage one another and lift one another we can soar among the stars!