October 3, 2015 ~Calvary Community Church, Nebraska City, NE

October 3, 2015 ~Calvary Community Church, Nebraska City, NE

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Best Life Ministries & Calvary Community Church present:

Saturday, October 3, 2015~ 8:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.  Women’s Conference “Get on Track!”

Founder & Executive Director, Author, Kathy A. Weckwerth

724“Get on Track!” Feeling derailed with your busy life? Jumped the track and headed in the wrong direction? In this main session, be ready to get on board and on the right track with Kathy as she helps you to determine how to train your heart and mind to recognize God’s purpose so that you can live your Best Life. Kathy is the Founder & Executive Director of Best Life, as well as the author of two 10 week women’s Bible studies called be.attitudes and The Story of My Life:  Joseph (kathyweckwerth.com)

Kathleen Sogge, Workshop Speaker

IMGP0124“Becoming an Overcomer” Today’s woman is busy and very often is running on empty.  When you are not taking care of your own heart and attitudes, sin creeps in and creates havoc.  In this class, join Kathleen as she shares techniques and tactics on how to utilize the Fruits of the Spirit, and walk out your best life, using the Godly example from Galatians.

Dr. Mary Schulze Michener,  Author & Workshop Speaker

“Living Your Best Life With Vitality” Tired of feeling exhausted, run down, and stressed out? God designed us to live a life full of vitality, energy and enthusiasm. Join Mary in this workshop as she teaches simple tips, grounded in scripture, to help reduce stress, increase energy, and get on the right track to live your Best Life.

Tiffany Felty, Workshop Speaker

“Hunger for the Word of God” Teaching women’s ministry Bible studies, Tiffany has diligently worked on mastering the lifestyle of developing a healthy quiet time with God each day.  Join her as she gives simple steps on how to make your time with God effective through prayer and Bible study.  Tiffany’s passion is helping women get excited about God’s Word.





Tickets:  $35.00 Regular Admission.  Tickets are available at Calvary Community Church, online, or at the door.

One day conference. Lunch provided by the church.

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