Best Life Presents: The 12 Days of Thanksgiving!


Day One:  Thankful for Your Spouse

It’s time for us to begin preparing for Thanksgiving.  Let’s start a new tradition!!  Let’s start a 12 days of Thanksgiving.  Here’s our first day:




We often giggle at the fun Christmas song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas,” as Perry Como, or even Kermit the Frog, sing out the words.  I still remember as a little child never quite remembering the order until we got to the “FIVE GOLDEN RINGS.”  But it was always fun to sing along.  That song, for years really meant nothing to me, until one specific year at Christmas.

My friends, Jim and Lynn, had been through some tough times and I had been through some as well.  We had reached out as families to one another, and I felt so grateful to them.  Lynn was my stability and a strong force as a friend to me (she still is these 22 years later)), and so I wanted to repay her.

Instead of getting her something for Christmas, I picked the 12 days BEFORE Christmas, and showed up every day at her door, singing the song I had re-written just for her.  Each day, I brought a specific gift that suited her personality.  Never anything big, but Christmas cookies, ornaments, a small piece of jewelry etc.  Just to show her how thankful I was for her, each day before Christmas.

It dawned on me right now, today, that I should be doing the same thing BEFORE Thanksgiving.  What would it look like if we celebrated the 12 days of Thanksgiving?  We could take 12 days to begin to think through and processing what is valuable and important to us, and then begin to thank God, the Father, for all He has done to provide for us and bless us!

So, here we go!

On the first day of Thanksgiving, I feel blessed for my spouse.  Now, if you don’t have a spouse, fill that in with your closest friend or family member!

Last week, I drove through Elk River.  Seven years ago, I lived there.  I was single and broke.  I was divorced and alone for the first time in my life.   I drove past the yellow Grandma house with brown trim, and looked over at the backyard that I once mowed diligently week after week.  I saw the garage that I stored my little blue grandma car in (Grandma Ida, then 95, decided she didn’t need it anymore, and sold it to me with its sum total of 19,000 miles on it, for a mere 2400.00.  And goodness, what a blessing, since it was all I could afford!)  Down the highway I drove, and it came back to me, rushing like a mighty river, through my mind.

Seven years ago, my husband, Dean Weckwerth (Farmer Dean to me, and Deano to his family) stepped into my life through a short email.  “If opposites attract, I sure hope we’re opposite.”  A sweet bachelor farmer who lived in Benson, Mn. had given up hope to ever meet anyone with his farming responsibilities, but he decided one day to check out an online dating service, and there I was. 

 “Where’s Benson?  I’ve never heard of it.”  I asked him.  We corresponded through email for about 3 weeks until he got the nerve to call me.  Another 2 or 3 weeks and he asked me out on a date in a place called Litchfield, MN.  I’d never heard of that one either.  I walked away from that 3 hour date knowing “he’s the one,” as I told my mom on the phone.  He was date number 24 on a list of 25 people, I told my pastor that I would agree to date.  After that, I was done.

Dean has been a rock to our family.  He has been a strong force to lean upon, a Godly provider, a kind heart, a funny sense of humor, a child-like awe for things he’s never experienced, provided an example through his love for God and family like no other, and a wonderful fill- in father for my 3 girls.  He is a fabulous grandfather  and loves us and protects us daily.

My life is fuller and richer.  As I type these words, I cannot help but begin to cry.  God provided something for me that I had never experienced, except through my own dad, a true and completely honest love for me, and I am so grateful, so very, very thankful.

To know that I received a second chance in life, to know that someone loves me for who I am, completely, and accepts my children as his own, is continually incredible.

There are days I wake up and just relish in the fact that I love someone so deeply who returns my love.  But to know that this same man loves my children and our grandson is even beyond my wildest hopes and dreams.

Today, on this first day of Thanksgiving, I am grateful and thankful for my wonderful husband.

Take some time right now, don’t put it off, and go and thank your husband or wife for being in your life, for loving you, for caring about you, and for being married to you.

As I drove through Elk River, I picked up the phone and called my husband, who was busy delivering mail.  I said, “Farmer Dean, I love you. Thanks for marrying me.”  “Wow, Kath, thanks for calling me.”  Pause…Pause…Pause… “ You’re Welcome!  I love you too!”  Nobody’s ever loved Farmer Dean like Kathy.  Nobody’s ever loved Kathy like Farmer Dean.

Thankfulness.  It does the soul good.

  1. Kathleen Sogge11-18-11

    You two are the sweetest couple I know !!!God is good to give you each other!! Thank both of you for sharing with us your lives thur Best Life!!!!Love and Prayers