Clock vs. Talk


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Early in our marriage we went to a marriage workshop; but it was a long time before we made it in the door.  We were out in our car unraveling a misunderstanding that had both of us asking for forgiveness. 

About 5 minutes before we needed to leave to drop off our kids at a friend’s…life happened.  One of the kids forgot a much needed and treasured item so I headed to the bedroom to help them find it.

Gary had finished cleaning up the breakfast dishes and sat down at the table to work on some paperwork while I finished packing up the kids and their treasures.  He had decided to wait patiently and not add any stress by highlighting the time issue.  We were close to crossing into the “we are going to be late” zone.

 When I came out ready to go with the kids I saw Gary busy at the table.  I figured something must have come up.  So I took the kids into the living room to keep them out of his way and quiet.  Time passed.

Great communication we were having huh?   Well more time passed and I finally came out and stated we needed to leave because we were going to be really late.

           “Well I’ve been waiting for you!” is the response I received.

Then the blame game began.  However, no words were spoken between us.  There was an eerie silence between us all the way to the workshop.  When we pulled up I insisted I wasn’t going in until we talked about what had happened.  Gary just wanted to get in – he hates being late.  But I wasn’t going to budge or pretend we were ok. 


We talked, we resolved, we forgave.  Into the workshop we headed.

          The message that day –

          was on forgiveness.