Day 5: Thankful for God’s Word


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Leah, a 5th grader in my Sunday School class shared that she had difficulty reading the bible on her own because there was so much she didn’t understand.  She preferred to read it while in church where she could have her questions answered.  I shared with her about my journey through my very first bible when I was just about her age. 

 It was full of markings.  “??” marks everywhere about sentences that I didn’t understand, words circled that I needed to look up the meaning of,    “!!” symbols when something made sense and excited me, things underlined that I wanted to know more about, and notes to myself in the margins about things I had learned from my pastor or Sunday School teacher.  I told her to mark away!!        and then watch as she grew older how those question marks got answered and how many more times she highlighted things that were meaningful. 

Recently while doing a bible study, the author wrote, “Put a question mark beside anything you don’t understand.”  I was being given the same advice I had just passed on to my student.

My learning of God’s word has never stopped whether in 5th grade Sunday School class or in my 50’s doing a bible study. 

I am so thankful for the word of God and am in awe at what I daily learn in my journey through it. 

I am convinced God has far more to teach than I will ever have time to learn and that He is delighted to have children who long to learn.  God’s Word has challenged, enlightened, directed, and encouraged me.  The bible is God’s story from beginning to end and He invites me to be a part of His story.

 Thankfulness.  It does the soul good.