Listen to Their Heart


I looked at his face.  His eyes were squinty, while the soft lines of crow’s feet circled around them.  His mouth twitched while he formed the question with his lips slightly trembling underneath his bushy moustache and asked, “You don’t want to go with me do you?”

From the look on my husband’s face, and the way his shoulders were bent over, his brow furrowed and his voice scratchy and apprehensive, I knew he needed me.

My daddy used to say to me,

“Kathleen, the way to really hear people is to really listen to them.” 

 I used to ask him what in the world he meant by that.  And then, as I got older, I understood.  When we really pay attention to someone’s words, and match them up with their facial expressions, their body stance and their voice inflections, you can really hear them. You can really understand exactly what they’re saying and know what they mean from the very core of their being.

My husband needed me to go with him.  It was scary for him as he was dreading  a difficult test for his job that would take place in a nearby city about 90 miles away.

I pulled out an icy Mountain Dew for him and had him sit down at the table.  “Tell me all about it, and don’t leave out the details,” I said.  As Dean poured out his concerns and his fears, I listened to how deeply this created stress for him.  Of course I would go…I would be happy to do it. 

We got settled into the car and Dean put his seat back, as I played some soothing music and began to tell him about the great parts of his personality.  He was a good husband, a good step-dad, a hard-worker, a man of God, great at lawn care, and diligent with follow through for whatever he took on as a task.  He closed his eyes and I could tell from his heavy breathing that he had fallen asleep.

When he woke up, I pulled into the parking lot where he would drop me off at Panera for a bite to eat and a large ice tea, while I waited for him to complete his test at a nearby building. I kissed his forehead quickly and prayed a prayer of peace over him.

My sweet husband looked up at me, much more relieved than a couple short hours before and said, “You know why I asked if you wanted to go?” “Why?” I replied.  He said, “Because I thought I might need a pep talk.”  And he smiled and drove away.

I could hear my dad’s great words echoing in my head

when you really listen to someone…you’ll hear what they’re saying.
  1. Kathleen Sogge06-09-11

    Thanks for being real with us,God knew you two were perfect for each other!Glad things went well! What a great picture! Thanks for not just talking the talk but walking the walk!God Bless you both and all you do for Best Life and people!