Worship Is As Worship Does


I’ll never forget the day…..I was feeling really great about preaching.  I had my sermon notes ready to go, my slides were hand-picked and I felt that I had a good representation for where I wanted to take the congregation.

On top of that, I was leading worship.  I have spent the past thirty six years picking out the music and leading worship for church, so I was feeling more concerned about the speaking part.  I figured the worship was just going to be a breeze.

As the morning began, I scanned my Bible verses, gulped my peanut butter toast and tea, and ran to get my favorite black coat.  It would have been expensive in Real-StoreLand, but I picked it up for $5.99 at the Thriftstore.  A beautifully tailored, well-fitting Ralph Lauren with slenderizing darts here and there.  I slipped my hands through the arms, feeling pretty happy with life.

I threw my sling back sandals on, grabbed my purse, music and notes, while heading for the door. And as I drove to the church, I said to God (note to self…never do this again) “Thanks for the opportunity, I’m feeling pretty good about this one…not nervous…so (yes, I did say this) I know I can handle this.  Thanks!”

What in the world got in to me!!  As if I could do anything without God’s help, provision, direction, anointing….blessing.

I put the car in park, grabbed my Bible, music and notes….only to find out that the slip back sandals caught on my too long dress jeans.  I fell face forward into a big, wet, sandy, puddle of watery mud.  There was no one in that parking lot as I laid there for a few moments….prostrate before a Mighty, humbling God.  My body hurt, so I stayed there quietly trying to compose myself.

Humiliated, humbled, shaking, and confident that God had now grabbed my attention, I pulled myself up.  My Bible had pleasantly missed the water, as if a purposeful reminder of who God was and what His Word was to my life.

I looked down in horror.  My knees were covered with sand and grime; my hands were scuffed like I was a little child at the playground.  And the beautiful jacket was torn at the elbow.  I began to cry.  Yes….I said it.  I cried.  Like I was a little child.

And I pulled the door of my car back open and I sat down and said to God… “How about we start this all over?”  I grabbed Panera napkins from the glove box, and began to wipe the now bleeding hands that would soon be pressing down firmly on the piano keys..I knew how painful of a reminder it would be as I led worship.

“I’m Kathy” I said to God. “I am nothing and You are everything.  I need you desperately.  Who am I kidding?  If you don’t show up today sending your power through my words, no one should show up.  Please forgive me for my pride.  Please preach through me, play through me, sing through me, use me.  I am undeserving of any mercy You give me, but I desperately, love You….like crazy.  I need You.”

The hole in my jacket was calling my attention and I entered the church and found my assistant, who quickly stitched up the torn elbow, as I told her about my realizations about humility, while lying face forward in mud.  We quickly tried to clean the mud and put cold compresses on my scraped hands.

I stood before the congregation that morning with many lessons learned in just one trip.
  1. God is God and we are not
  2. We are nothing without Him and can do nothing purposeful without His blessing.
  3. A true life of worship means that everyday….not just Sunday mornings and singing songs…..but true worship means that every day when we bring an attitude of humility to God..that, in itself, is a form of worship.
  4. Worship consists of a daily pouring out of ourselves before our God, so He can fill us up with Himself.
  5. Worship is made up of the songs, scripture, prayers, and thoughts that we direct each and every time we focus on a Mighty, Loving, Forgiving, Perfect God.  When we focus our attention to Him, we are living our life in worship.
  6. Humility is the only way to go.


Micah 6:6-8/Romans 12:1-2

“With what shall I come before You in worship, O Lord?  How shall I offer myself to You?  Shall I come with songs of praise, with hymns of glory?  Will You be pleased with shouts of thanksgiving, with prayers of confession?  Shall I offer the tithe of my labor and gifts of gratitude?  You have shown me what is good and what You require-not merely to do that what You require-not merely to do that which I call “worship,” but to live my life in service to You, to present my body, as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to You.  This indeed is worship that pleases You.  Awesome God, be glorified in my prayers and praises.  Delight in my songs, and hymns.  Receive my tithe and my gifts.  But help me by Your indwelling Spirit, to worship You with all that I am, in each and every moment of each and every day.  May my worship, once begun, never end!”

  1. susie esboldt07-13-11

    body boo-boos to correct heart boo-boos….
    God is forever pursuing and setting our hearts straight isn’t He.?! He must really love us –he is so amazing! Remember the talking donkey story…I think that was a correction of pride as well! Glad you are a quick learner!! Glorifying God with you today!!!!!!!

  2. Mary07-13-11

    Thank you for sharing this honest moment of humility.