Burned Bagels


“I’d like a cup of coffee and one plain bagel….burned.” the man next to me in line said to the kind clerk behind the Panera counter.


“Huh?”  she asked.  “Why burned?” 

“It’s got substance….weight….it’s tougher…it holds together.”  He answered. 

That’s weird I thought.  And then I watched him for a brief moment as he sat across from me.  He munched down that bagel quickly and enjoyed it profusely. 

And I thought about burned bagels.  Call me crazy.  It was just interesting. 



Scripture tells us in Isaiah 57:15  “A Message from the high and towering God, who lives in Eternity, whose name is Holy; I live in the high and holy places, but also with the low-spirited, the spirit crushed; And what I do is put new spirit in them, get them up and on their feet again.” 

It’s the burned bagels of life.  Those who have walked through trials and troubles, those who have been hurt by the actions of others, those who have been cold-shouldered and treated with hot words, and those who have experienced not looking like the rest, not talking like the others, or perhaps, just not being accepted.  A burnt bagel. 

And yet God, so clearly states, that His message to us is simple.  He lives with the low-spirited, those who are crushed, wounded and hurt. …… Those who have been burned. 

Perhaps when we are burned, it really does create substance.  Perhaps it makes us tougher and we hold together better.  I’m beginning to think so.

And meanwhile, as a leader of the ministry that says we bring the news that God offers real and eternal life….more and better than we could ever hope or dream of, I cling to the fact that He loves us. 

But I still like to think that when we hurt and are just ever so different, He is sitting right across the table, while we eat our burnt bagel and drink our coffee….

He is right  here with us.


  1. Heather01-27-12

    Eating a burned bagel Kathy 🙂