Kathy’s Lifelines: What’s in Your Wallet?


The crazy commercial is on again for Capital One and their slogan “what’s in your wallet” comes on, and at times, the silliness makes me laugh.  To actually take a moment and think about what’s in a person’s wallet is something we don’t normally do.


A few years back, a dear friend of mine would meet for lunch with a couple of us girlfriends,  and we would watch as she’d take her wallet (this was about a 1x a year event) and dump everything out and organize.  It was an amazing project as we would watch her find receipts, cards, cash, stamps, barrettes, paper clips, movie stubs, and sometimes even gift cards she didn’t know she had.  Because we were organizers, it was one of our favorite days of the year!  Clean that out! 

Recently, while cleaning and redecorating my mother’s bedroom since Daddy died, I went through his dresser drawer, and came across his old brown wallet.  I paused for a moment and ran my hand across the worn leather and remembered how many times I’d seen him reach for that for his gas card, or some cash to purchase a watch battery, or a time or two when he was buying lunch. 

What’s in your wallet, Dad?” I asked. 

There is always a strange fear that can come over you when you are dealing with the unknown.

  I felt it creeping in for some reason.  I trusted my dad completely, but unfortunately with life dealing me some foul blows of friends and an ex-husband not telling truths, all of a sudden I sat on the bed and thought…what if my dad wasn’t who I thought he was?  That’s ridiculous I told myself and began to open the wallet and spread things out on the bed.  I know what you’re thinking…shouldn’t that have been my mother’s job?  Well, she has macular degeneration, so I am her eyes. 

I took out the plastic picture holder first and looked through the binder at his social security card, his license, his NRA card, charge card, and an insurance card.  And then I saw them….lined up so neatly….pictures of his 3 granddaughters.  There was Jenessa’s kindergarten picture next to Chandra’s fourth grade picture and Lexi’s from 7th grade.   My girls, now in their 20’s, didn’t even know how special they were that they were in his wallet all of these years, carried with him day in and day out. 

In the cash section, I found a $50.00 bill and a receipt to Pamida for watch batteries.  Good old Dad, exactly what I thought would be in his wallet….what I wanted to be in his wallet.  

Your wallet really is a reflection of who you are.  When dumped out, you can see what you really have, what you really carry…who you really are.  Do you have time to review and organize?  Keep it updated and current?  Or keep treasures that mean something to you? 

It reminds me of scripture and what it says about our hearts.  “…for out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Matt. 12:34.   

What’s stored in your heart, your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, are similar to what’s stored in your wallet.   A true reflection of who you really are, and once dumped out, you can see all of the pictures and receipts of your own life.


What’s in your wallet?  What’s in your heart?  Take a moment today to dump it out, review it, and recognize if there are any old receipts (old grudges being harbored, old sins being stored), or anything that’s holding you back from being your very best for God.

  1. Kathleen Sogge09-10-12

    So sweet!!