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There are days in this life when I just stop.

I stop reading, writing, singing, and working.

And I listen.

I listen for God.  What is He saying to me….I want to know.

And I find myself walking to the piano.  I push back the black shiny cover, and finger the ivory keys.  And I begin to breathe a prayer of thanks as my fingers breeze over the notes.

And I listen.

I play and show God the emotions of my heart….be it thankfulness, apprehension, desperation or reflection.  Whatever I’m feeling, I play it through.

And when I am done, I sit and I wait

And I listen.

Today, my heart is overwhelmed because a little girl named Kathy, had dreams.  Her dreams have gone on year after year.  And she has watched them evolve and even come to fruition.

But the thing that I know today, more than anything else, is that I can put God in a box.  And today I realized something…..with God, He doesn’t have to think out of the box.  With God….there is no box.  Boxes do not hold our God.

And my padidly little whispers of “could this dream possibly be coming true” seem so small and petty.  And so I sit, and I wait

And I listen.

Today, I’m telling God I love Him like crazy.

And today

He’s telling me…it is nothing compared to how much He loves me.

And in my quieted heart and spirit, in reflection mode, I begin to cry.

Mere mortal words cannot express the thanks I feel for where I’ve been, where God has brought me and where I’m going.

But one thing is for sure, I will continue… seek, pray, think, dream, sing, play…

And listen.