Taking the High Road


What do you do with pain and failure?  How do you deal with disappointments, betrayal, and let down?  I believe that how we deal with these things is a true test of character.  And at times…..a truth teller to our own souls.

 This past week, I have watched and listened as friends have told stories of what’s happening in their lives.  Over and over, I watch as someone creates drama for someone else because of jealousy or control.  Often, I listen to that same hurt, that someone crying, and at times, I watch that someone act out. 

In my own life, I’ve experienced all of those things.  I know what it’s like, just like you do.  It’s painful.  It cuts to the core of your being.  And it’s so very easy to want to lash out with words, but it takes control to rise above.  Self Control. 

I used to fight getting to the High Road.  I don’t like it much there.  It’s lonely.  It’s tough.  It seems like it is quite the climb to get to it.  But I realized something…..the High Road is where God travels.  The high road is where God wants us to travel. 

The high road is where God wants to meet us and travel with us. 

What’s the High Road look like?  It’s a place that you make yourself go….wholeheartedly, decidedly, placing one foot in front of the other and walking down a path that says I will not talk badly about that situation, I will not be angry and bitter, and I will not shut down.  I will not allow the situation to take me over, because on the High Road, it’s God who takes you over. 

Friend, perhaps today you’re struggling with issues in your life.  It seems like you just get past something, and the next issue arrives.  We can be assured that Jesus Christ knows exactly how we feel.  He waited to face the cross in the Garden, and as He anguished and prayed, his friends slept on. They did not support, did not bring comfort, and in a sense, betrayed Him in His most desperate moments.    

Maybe today you have been betrayed by a friend.  Maybe you have been hurt by the words of a family member, neighbor, or even a pastor.  Perhaps you have been cheated out of a job, or something promised to you.  Or maybe you feel like you’ve been passed over, once again. 

It’s easy to let the roots of the plant of bitterness get buried deep within the soil of your heart.  But God’s plan for us is that we let the roots of the Tree of Life grow in that place in our hearts. 

It’s self-discipline.  It’s relying totally on God.  It’s pouring it all out and having faith.  It’s really, really, really hard.  That’s why it’s the High Road. 

You can do it.  You can take the first step on the climb.  Ask God for help.  Ask Him for the strength.  And walk down that path. 

I promise you….growth comes in the walk, strength to the hiker, and in the long run, The High Road…well, it’s where God lives.

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