What’s Draining Your Tank


My youngest daughter, Jenessa, came home from school last month and parked her car, came in the kitchen and said, “Mom! I’m not getting as good of gas mileage as I normally do, and my car smells like gasoline.  Do you think something’s wrong with the car?” 

Deano went out to the garage and looked to see what was happening.  We had noticed a faint smell of gas in the garage, but just thought it was the remains of usage of the lawn mower/snow blower.

“There’s a small leak in the gas line,” he said.  Fuel was dribbling out a bit at a time.  There was the culprit on the floor of the garage where she had been parking….a puddle of gas.


There are things in this life that drain our tank. Sometimes, it’s just like Nessa’s car and it’s a slow leak. 

Things that drain us can be things that are just plain bad for us:  addictions, stress, poor relationships with friends or relatives, conflict, fatigue or over-working.  This is the slow leak.  This will empty you of energy, time, and ability, making you ineffective. 

Sometimes things that drain us come in the forms of things that are great:  volunteering, church events, sporting events, supporting others, or just helping others.  I compare this to having 14 Heath bar blizzards for lunch.   It’s a fun concept, but just not practical and definitely not good for us. 

We cannot subject ourselves to people and situations that continue to drain us.  Likewise, we cannot subject ourselves to volunteering for everything that comes along; registering our children for every sporting event and extracurricular activity.  Good things, when too many, can drain our tanks as well.

 It’s time to take a good look at your life.  Start by looking at your typical week.  Make the columns of your life and start crossing out what is slowly draining you.  When we’re being drained of our gas (time, energy, personality, efforts), we’re not as effective as we can be. 

God promises us in this scripture: Isaiah 58:9-12 The Message…“I will always show you where to go.  I’ll give you a full life in the emptiest of places…. “ 

In order to be our best….we have to start with the heart of who we are…the gas tank of our lives.  Get filled up with God (prayer, scripture, and imitate His attributes).  Eliminate extra things that are draining you.  Focus on being the best version of YOU.   You’ll be driving on a full tank when you start the new week, and you will be effective for God, your spouse, your children, your neighbors, your boss, and your community!


  1. Kathleen Sogge03-04-12

    Jim and I took that advice this weekend and went on a marriage retreat with a bunch of couples from our church. It’s so important to take time to refuel our marriage tanks.It so helps to stop and take time to renew and refuel! Hope lots of women can come and Fill Up on God at our up coming conferences!!