Your Road…Your Life


Psalm 119:1 “You’re blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God.”


This past month, I have listened and prayed with several friends who have been struggling.

 People are telling them to do this.  To do that.  They are stretched, pulled, and cornered. 

I know how they feel.  Perhaps you do as well.   There have been times in my life when well-meaning people thought they knew what was best for me.  No….let me rephrase that.  There have been many times when others have told me what to do, whether they really thought it was best or not….it was what they wanted for me.  Not necessarily what God wanted for me.

I have listened as people have told me where to live, where to work, what to be when I grow up, who to have as friends, where to go to church, and why God likes this and doesn’t like that. 

And it took me a long to realize this: 

no one really knows what to do all the time….but  God. 

Yes, I said that.  No one really has the answers but God, and He’ll tell you, if you just seek Him and listen. 

Here’s the lesson learned:  You’re living this life.  Others are not living your life.  They have not walked in your shoes.  They don’t know the days and nights that have made up your life.  They don’t have a clue about the details of how God’s wired you, what your past has encompassed, or why some things feel like they hurt more than others.  But God does.   Some of the best intended suggestions are some of the most harmful for us.

And so this week, I told one dear friend that she would be okay.  She looked at me with a tear stained face and asked “What do I do?”  I said, “Pray.  God will lead you.  His Word, His Spirit, His Voice.  Listen for it.”  As people were pushing her, guilt- tripping her, and trying to control her, I just said to her…..”Lean into God….walk strong…and keep moving straight ahead on the road He’s put you on.” 

One of the best suggestions my friend Joel once said years ago is this….never second guess yourself.  Make your decision with God and stick with it.  Keep moving. 

It’s your life.  If you’re going to live it, and live it to the very fullest (what God wants), His voice is the one to listen to.  His direction is the one to take.  His advice is the advice to adhere to.  He knows what’s best for You.

Life is a journey.  Others aren’t living your life.  You are.  Live it now.  Live it following God fully.  Live your best.
  1. Katy02-08-12

    Thank you, this is exactly what I so desperately needed to hear…I’ve been listening to way too many of the negative “tapes” play over and over in my head instead of the positive voice the One who loves me just as I am.