Farewell To Our Fabulous Friends!


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 It’s with JOY and Sadness that we announce that our worship leader and his wife, Dave and Amanda Herring ,are relocating to the fabulous city of Surprise, AZ to take a position for a growing church in that area.  Our hearts are sad!  We love them, will miss them dearly, and want to bless them on their new start for this incredible opportunity and journey that God has placed before them!  But before we do, I need to travel back in time with you, to show you the appreciation and love we feel for the Dave Herring Band!


I still remember the day clearly, some three years ago when I first entertained the idea of Dave for BLM’s worship leader.  Dave Herring lived in the neighboring town of Dassel and served as a worship director.  He had been attending the Area Worship Director’s meetings, and all of us believed in him, felt encouraged by him, and enjoyed his multi-talented and very energetic personality! 

I was in need of a guitar player for our Best Life Conference, as our worship leader was desperately seeking one.  My children approached me after the conference and said, “Who’s the man with the hat?  We LOVE him.  He is authentic, real, and extremely talented.”  I smiled because I knew exactly what they meant.

A short while later, our worship leader left to pursue other areas of her career and my children excitedly said, “Dave Herring needs to be the worship leader for Best Life Ministries!”  And as Dave and I met, discussing the future of BLM, I knew instinctively this was an amazing blessing and opportunity for our ministry.  But we didn’t just get Dave Herring … we also got Amanda Herring.

Amanda was Dave’s beautiful wife.  Creative, warm, authentic, enthusiastic, and sincere, Amanda brought something to the ministry that was unqiue and valuable to our times of worship.  Amanda brought art!  She would paint during our worship times and our attendees were allowed to purchase the painting through a silent bid, at the end of each conference.  I remember the day when one of her pieces sold for $700.00!

We didn’t just get Amanda, we didn’t just get Dave … we got the Band.  DHB.  Dave Herring Band.

The first year’s band, had different members from the last, and we loved and embraced each musician, as they generously gave up weekends to travel with us and serve God.  As a musician myself, I cannot tell you how much I value the fact that these grown men would sit and wait through our talks and workshops, until it was once again time for worship sets.  Their patience, their smiles, their laughter, their energy, meant everything!

Dave offered something so special for BLM.  He wrote songs specifically tailored  for our conferences, and he, Amanda and the band, not only cared about our team, but they cared about the women at the conferences!  They made friends.  They made followers.  They spread DHB music everywhere, blessing  people with free music and fabulous worship.

At times, when attendance was low and I’d worry, Dave would ease my mind by saying, “No sweat … I’ll just bring James and Amanda.”  Ah, yes … our fun friend, James!  He seemed to always be the winner of our drawing for a cd, for the “person who was wearing the best pair of shoes.”  A red pair of hightop sneakers.

One of the highlights for me was the day that a small radio station up in Northern Mn, aired an interview with me and played one of  DHB’s  original songs.  I felt like a proud “mom” of the “guys.”  The other time I was bursting with pride was when DHB opened for “For King & Country,” after one of our BLM Conferences.

When Best Life started, Dave helped our graphics designer at the time, Jennifer, to set up this website that you’re perusing right now.  Dave advised us on how to advertise, how to grow, how to use facebook and social media.  Dave is the kind of friend everyone wants and everyone needs.  He produced all of our Best Life Radio Spots over the past couple of years and was continually an energetic force behind who we are.

Recently, Dave and Amanda showed the desire to adopt a baby.  They have been raising monies to do so, and their move to AZ will ensure a much quicker response from that state, to receive a sweet little child. 

Dave and Amanda’s  journey stopped here in the middle of nowhere … Dassel, MN, for these past few years.  Now the journey picks up in another location, and I believe it is a promotion from God for them.  They have served tirelessly, diligently, and lovingly.

If you were someone who attended our conferences and love and support the DHBand, feel free to send them an email at floprocker@gmail.com and let them know how much you appreciated them.  If you want to follow Dave and the band on their journey into this next cd project, “The Revelation Project,” you can find them at http://riverandtree.com

Mostly today we bless our friends.  We encourage them to keep up their amazing work for God.  We thank them for being with us through the  the hard times and  the really good times.

For their artistry, their great talents, their love, encouragement, help, and hope, we are forever grateful.

Much love to you, Dave, Amanda, James, Roberto ….and all of our DHB friends from the past…..God go before you … and with you.

Kathy and the BLM team



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