“Non-Stop” Movie Review


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Rated:  PG 13, for action and violence

106 minutes 

Starring:  Liam Neeson and Julianne Moore

By:  Kathy A. Weckwerth 

non-stop-movie-photo-5-550x365While heading into the movie theater, my oldest child called to say, “Why are you even going?  This will be a typical Neeson movie where everyone is chased, people are shot, and no one knows what’s happening.”  I hung up the phone, settled in with my popcorn and looked at my husband, youngest daughter, and son-in-law, sitting next to me. 

The movie began and from the moment it started, 106 minutes later, I barely breathed!  The who-dun-nit mode set in instantaneously. 

As the story begins, Federal Air Marshall, Bill Marks (Liam Neeson) prepares for another flight, while we see that he is struggling with an alcohol addiction caused by some horrific sadness. 

The plane takes off while passenger, Jen (Julianne Moore), mysteriously ends up sitting next to Bill, all the while Bill is receiving mysterious text messages saying that someone on the airplane will die and he is to set his watch for 20 minutes, unless he delivers $150 million dollars as a ransom.  Jen is included along with many passengers on the flight as a suspect. I even wondered if the threats were being sent from the ground and not someone on the plane. 

The camera’s continual panning of the flight and crew continues to provide suspects for the crime, and as the adventure takes place, the mystery continues while mysterious deaths are occurring every 20 minutes.  

The suspense is at times, more than you can take.  My son-in-law described the movie as were walking out to the car in well-chosen words saying, “Well, I paid for the entire seat but only used the edge.” 

That description totally is appropriate for this exciting, suspenseful mystery.  And yes, I called my child and told her, “This Neeson was worth seeing!” 

I give it 5 stars out of 5 stars.

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