Are You Mad At God


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By:  Kathy A. Weckwerth

hear from GodWhen I was little, my dad instilled in us kids, several very strong values about God.

1. You are always respectful to Him.  You can talk with God anytime, anywhere, but make sure that you You don’t charge into His presence and demand what you want. Be respectful.

2.You ask for forgiveness.  We are human and sinful.  God is perfect and without sin. Meet Him with a clean heart and conscience.

3.  If God is prompting you to do something for Him (serve at church, play piano, donate something, help someone, take a different job, etc), you obey.

4. And lastly, never, ever, get mad at God.  He is God and we are not.  We trust what He chooses to do, when He does it, and what He allows.

That last one is never easy, is it?  I have met more people throughout the years who are mad at God.  They will say something like, “If God is such a loving God, why did He allow this or that to happen?”  Or they are angry because they lost their job or their home.  Basically, we don’t get our way … we’re mad.

Humans like to blame.  We like to place the blame somewhere and so why not blame God for everything?

Here’s why we shouldn’t … because most of the time, we’ve brought things on ourselves.  Sure, I understand people being upset that someone dies.  That’s horrific!  And yet, we know that on this earth, we all will die someday.  Scripture tells us that the days of our lives are numbered.

What about not getting that boyfriend you wanted, or the job for your spouse, or the new house you spent months working with the bank while trying to purchase, and at the end, everything falls apart? Well, that’s where faith comes in.

Many times in this life, I have prayed and pleaded for things.  Sometimes God has respectfully declined and I’ve been mopey, only to find out that a short while later something much better came along.

But on the days where I whined and begged, pleaded and cried, and God said, “Fine.  You’ll get what you want.”  I have found sad circumstances.  I have wielded my own way, and it was not the best way.  Consequently, I had some bad circumstances to walk through.

God can take your anger.  But my question for all of us today is, does God deserve your anger?

When my girls were little, at times they would get mad at me.  Well, honestly let’s face it, they still get mad at me.  Sometimes it was because I asked them to do something good for them, that they didn’t want to do, like apologize or clean their room.  Or sometimes, I didn’t allow them to get something that they really wanted because I knew it wasn’t the best for them or it wasn’t the right timing.

I remember one of my girls used to just throw herself down on the floor and carry on.  I have seen myself doing this before a holy God.  The old, “Why’d you make me go through that, or how come that didn’t work out the way I planned?”

Recently, when one of my girls was mad about something not working out, I thought of that old philosophy of my dad’s.  It’s not worth being mad at God because He doesn’t get it wrong.  We do. 

Here’s where faith comes into action.  Do you have something happening in your life right now where it’s not working out the way you planned?  Maybe at your job something isn’t working right, or maybe your sister is mad at you, or perhaps you’re grieving the loss of a friend or a dream.

Take it to God.  Talk about it.  Work through it.  Ask Him for help, guidance, understanding.  But know this, God can handle our mad, He’s just so much smarter than us.  Embrace faith … and keep moving forward … don’t stall out because you’re mad.  Embracing anger too long is a waste of time, emotion, and energy!


Many are the plans in a person’s heart,  but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”  Psalm 19:21