BLM’s Exclusive Interview with Nashville Artist, Mindy Smith


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This month’s HIT PICK LIST:  Mindy Smith’s Christmas Music and
 BLM’s Exclusive Interview with Mindy!

What’s Playing at My House For Christmas?

By Executive Director, Kathy A. Weckwerth


With Christmas right around the corner, I have pulled out my favorite cds, including Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Amy Grant, the Carpenters, and my best loved CD for enjoying a steaming hot cup of coffee while warming up by the fire … Mindy Smith’s “My Holiday” and “Snowed In.”

Over the past couple of years, Mindy, one of my all-time-favorite female artists produced 2 Christmas CDs, I was shoving and pushing past the crowds to snag them!  Mindy once again uses her incredible gift of writing lyrics and brings a fresh twist on classic Christmas themes.  She utilizes her amazingly distinctive voice to bring a sweet comfort that ignites the spirit with Christmas cheer.

My favorite songs on the “My Holiday” CD include original tunes, “My Holiday” and “I Know the Reason,” while I certainly enjoy the classic grooves of “Silver Bells” and “I’ll Be Home For Christmas.”   On her “Snowed In” CD, I love “Tomorrow Is Christmas Day.”

This month, we have the honor of asking Mindy Smith a couple of questions about her Christmas music.


BLM:  What was your inspiration to create your holiday CDs?

MS: I have always enjoyed Christmas music.  It seems though, that most holiday albums are just the same old songs with very few original arrangements let alone originals tunes.  Like everyone else, I enjoy the familiar songs of my youth because they evoke special memories.  I believe that those of us who are songwriters and musicians have a responsibility to replenish the music well, not always taking from it but also adding to it.  The reward (and hope) is that, maybe someone, somewhere, will be reminded of  a special person, place, or time in their own lives and look fondly on the memory associated with the song in the future.  The classics started out new and fresh then just took on a life of their own.  How cool is that?

BLM:  Growing up, did you have favorite Christmas music that you listened to each year?

MS:  Yes,  their are many albums that my Christmas would feel empty without today.  John Denver and The Muppets, Bing Crosby, Amy Grant’s “Tennessee Christmas”, The Carpenters, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Mathis, and more. They are all neatly tucked into my catalog of Christmas music and most of them I still listen to on vinyl.  


BLM:  What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

MS:  Mommy’s homemade sticky buns and rolls were a highlight.  Gift giving, even though I do it all year round, I enjoy finding special things for the people I love.  Of late, the annual holiday puppy portrait.


BLM:  What was your inspiration behind the lovely song, “I Know the Reason” on your “My Holiday” CD? 

MS:   I think the sentiment is that, if you have someone you love in your life and recognize it, then that in and of itself is a gift, and so the joy of the holiday season is with you all year round.


BLM:  And finally, everyone wants to know … where did you get the amazing vintage dresses on the cover of your CD?

MS: Ha, that dress was “borrowed!”  My stylist was Shannan Shephard at the time and found some great pieces.  I believe she found it at a local vintage clothing store called, Katy K Designs on 12th Ave South, here in Nashville.


For More Info:  Log onto and find out about her latest self-titled CD, “Mindy Smith.”

AUTOGRAPHED physical copy of the CD