The Bottom Line~ Movie Review by Best Life’s Movie Critic, Rob Proper “Old-Fashioned”


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Old-Fashioned-e1412868328311Old Fashioned:  Rating-PG, Running Time-115 minutes

Old fashioned is a unique movie. It may be classified as romance, but it is an altogether different kind of love story. It is a movie with genuine characters, characters with troubled pasts, who wonder if life and love can be something more than what the world has given them so far.

The movie begins with a wonderful quote “Love makes your soul crawl out of its hiding place.”

In the opening, we meet Clay (played by Rik Swartzwelder). Clay is hard at work, running his antique store. Due to past mistakes, Clay doesn’t believe that love is in his future but does God have other plans? Enter Amber.

Amber (played by Elizabeth Roberts) is coasting into town on the last bit of gas money she has saved up for her current adventure. Amber is a restless spirit, seeing how far a jar full of pocket money can bring her as she travels from place to place and leaves her past behind.

Will they have more than just friendly conversation? It’s a good question because Old fashioned has an amazing cast of characters that do a great job of telling the worlds perspectives on dating. Amber’s new friends think Clay is weird and Clay’s own friends don’t get him.

While circumstances ultimately bring Clay and Amber together, Clay’s odd perspective on dating and Amber’s fear of new relationships makes theirs progress at a different pace.  Clay’s theory is “I don’t believe that dating trains us to be good husbands and wives…it just trains us to be good dates, that’s it. It trains us to be skilled in the superficial.” Clay does not believe in looking for the “right person”, but rather in growing spiritually into the “right person” for someone else.

Old fashioned is full of dialogue that really made me think. One of them that I meditate on as I think about my daughters, is from Clay. He says “A lot of the boundaries that use to be common, that we’ve thrown away, were there to protect us.”

We are bombarded with t.v. shows and movies that tell us that dating is supposed to be about having fun, but most likely will end in heartache. Yet the truth is that none of us knows what tomorrow brings. What if we did slow down? What if we did seek Gods direction and help? After all, He says in Jeramiah 29:11 that He has plans to give us a future and hope.

Bottom Line: 

Watch this movie! It offers a great glimpse at what it looks like to fall in love.

If you agree with Clay and have young people (or older people) in your life, who are not married yet, ask them to watch it. This movie reminds me that, in Jesus, we can be more and have more than this world and its ways can ever give.