The Next Big Thing~Church in the Grove


Farmer Dean installs new window

By:  Kathy A. Weckwerth:  It’s been three years since the church arrived.  That sounds strange.  The church arrived.   In my mind’s eye, I can still feel the warmth of that August day.  I can still hear the sounds of the worship band singing “Amazing Grace.”  I can still embrace the excitement that we felt as we watched Frank Lake Covenant Church coming down the country road towards our home.

Our friends and neighbors huddled around.  Some strangers we didn’t know clustered together across the street at the old schoolhouse, and the energy that zipped and zinged amongst the crowd was life altering.

Our pastor at the time, stood next to us smiling, while my Farmer Dean held his arm tightly around my waist.  I looked over at him as tears streamed down his eyes.  Not given in to much crying, this was a day for him that was overwhelmingly exciting!  After all, a building was being moved into his precious grove and life would never be the same.

Dean and I have worked diligently to meet people with connections to the church.  We have rallied around tough projects when we didn’t know the hows, or whys, or what next.  We have prayed, worried, struggled, hoped, and believed God for the next step.

When someone from my little town said, “How come she gets to have a church?”  we smiled and wondered the same thing ourselves.

You see God isn’t in the business of giving people the things that are right next to them.  No, instead He’s always thinking about our best and what brings Him glory.  He’s giving Noah an ark, Jonah a big fish, Moses some big stones with rules, Esther a kingdom, and Paul a shipwreck.  Those are big things.

The big thing at our house is a lovely church and this week, after what some have told us, 40-50 years have passed, Farmer Dean climbed the big ladder (afraid of heights … yes he is!) and installed a small round window that we had made by a kind carpenter.  In it went and when he put the cross up and down, he climbed down the ladder, stood back and observed and said, “Isn’t it great!”

Much to Dean’s dismay, I told him to head back up and make the cross an X.  You see, the front window, after 115 years, has twisted a bit so that the cross is now an X.  Maybe it was always that way.  I’d have to look at the photos.  All I know is I wanted them to match.

summer 2015

church summer 2015

And as we stood back together, Dean’s arm around my waist, I looked up at the magnificent glory of God, through a little white church building that is now once again being used, restored, treasured, valued, and worshiped in … and God’s next big thing … well, we’re praying and waiting and believing.


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church spring 2015-side window boarded up

Frank Lake church 1917

Frank Lake Covenant Church circa 1900

  1. Marie Smith08-23-15

    Love your little church. Maybe you should add a hitching post so people with horse and buggy’s in your area can come to church the old fashioned way. That’s the way it is at the country church my sister used to go to, that was out in the country too. Once a month they had a country service, even had their own little country band that played the old time Gospel hymns. Would LOVE to see your little church one day. Looking forward to our Sept. conference with JOY in my heart.