Dealing With Frustration


Kathy A. Weckwerth

p1070430Over the past few weeks I asked God a question I’ve asked Him before.  I asked, “Do you ever feel sad that you created us?”  I wonder what He would say if He was walking next to us like He did with Adam and Eve.

The election made some people angry, brought out the worst of some of those around me, and yet, it brought out the best in many.

I watched as Franklin Graham stepped up to his role as a God-called leader and prayed with every state in the nation.

I applauded as I saw Godly political leaders come together and unite in thoughts and prayers.

I listened as churches across the country were hosting prayer meetings.

I was surprised as well known leaders in Christian roles spouted off nonsense.

I was humored as Hollywood stars threatened to leave their homeland.

But mostly, I was disappointed  and frustrated in several within my own private world.  You know what I mean.  The day in and day out people who you are connected with.

As I posted on Facebook a simple plea to fellow Christ followers everywhere to join in prayer for unity for our nation, for the new president elect, and for the current president as he releases his role, I was bombarded by people I’d known for over 30 years … and strangers.  And might I just add … it was not pleasant.

Many of my friends scolded me and said, “That’s why I’m not posting anything about it on my page.  I don’t want to upset people.”

Several of my friends from 30 years ago attacked my 75+ year old friends from my Bible study.  They’d never even met them.  They called them names, attacked their beliefs, and generally insulted me and my elderly friends.

Some said they’d pray.  Some said they were sick of the whole thing.  Some deleted me as their friend.

I asked myself, is this what Christ did?  Really … Is this what He did?  I don’t want to heal because I might offend?  I don’t want to provide instruction because it might hurt someone’s feelings?  I don’t want to preach to the crowds because they might think I’m insensitive to their needs, their nationality, and their disposition.

I don’t think so.

A spirit of tolerance has taken over and glazed the eyes and minds of many. And yet, they are responding to the tolerance with great intolerance.

Last time I looked in my Bible … Jesus helped a Samaritan woman at the well, taught 5,000 people on the hill, broke bread and ate fish with a multitude of people from all over, corrected religious leaders in the temple, told the Pharisees and Sadducees what was truth and then went in front of Roman soldiers to get ready for His journey to the cross.

He didn’t worry about offending.  He purposed to follow His Father, God.

How did I deal with the frustration of losing friends, seeing the worst in people, and tolerating the lashes against myself and others?  I prayed.  I stepped back and looked at it and prayed.

Frustration is an emotion.  It comes from people doing something we don’t want them to do.  We can’t control them or their actions.  We can control our own responses, reactions, and need to check our Source for how He responded.

I’m still frustrated.  I’m still working through shock and hurt.  People surprised me, and not necessarily in a good way.

But I look at the end of the 33 years that Christ lived and I’m reminded of this one thing … He died for it all … the fighting, the arguing, the harsh cruel words, the deep cutting remarks, the turning away from truth, and the bullying.

In the end, He had enough reason for the cross.  So next time I ask the Father if He’s sad, I can only imagine He’d remind me that’s why He sent His Son.