Loving the Season


Pastor Bev Modlin

christmas-treeI love the special warm feeling of Christmas.

I love Christmas. I love the decorations and the feeling of anticipation and the rush of love that people show to those we hold dear to us.

I love that for one day each year people are pretty much kind to each other.

I love the carols and songs that play in the stores as people shop for food and gifts.
There is so much to love about this time of year.


We make our list and check it twice, giving gifts to those grand kids who are naughty and nice.

We clean our homes.  We decorate, bake, send cards, listen to the joyful music of Christmas and attend the plethora of Christmas Programs.

Our to-do-lists keeps us busy and our goals before us.

We want everything just so.  We want the beauty of Christmas illuminating throughout our lives and our homes.  But what about the beauty in the lives and homes of others?

Each week at church we light the Advent Candles of Hope, Peace, Love and Joy.

But not everyone feels the Hope, Peace, Love and Joy of Christmas.  There are so many who are filled with sadness, and loneliness, hurt, and pain during the holiday season, all the while there is a twinkle in our eyes as we watch our little ones tell the story of Baby Jesus.

We are so focused on our feelings of Christmas and on the great story of the birth of Jesus that we so often over-look the other powerful verses in scripture and what they mean for us during Christmas time. … Like,… Love each other as I have loved you.  …Do Good…and Share with God’s people who are in need…Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.

Maybe this Christmas add to your to-do-list to take some Christmas goodies to some shut-ins.  Reach out to the family who is missing one at their table due to deployment.  Send a note or a gift to their loved one.  Put money in the Salvation Army Bucket or buy a gift for Toys-for-Tots.  Adopt a family, bring them decorations, food and gifts.

If you know of someone who is divorced and they are alone, invite them to church better yet, and to your home.

See a homeless person in need?  Bring them a coat and some food, maybe a blanket or two.

Because …Whatever you do for one of the least of these, Jesus said,… you do for Me.

It is true that each and every day, Christians are called to let our light shine before all people so they will see and know we glorify God.

But because Christmas is a beautiful holy moment, because we love Jesus, let’s do Christmas in a Jesus style way. …Let’s bring that special warm feeling of Christmas to others so all people will feel and know the Hope, Peace, Love and Joy of the Christ-Child.