The BEST Tips for Safeguarding Your Marriage


By Kathy A. Weckwerth

sidewalkThroughout the years, Farmer Dean and I have found that marriage is work.  You get out of it what you build into it.  And the most important thing is to keep God at the center, make time for each other, really listen, and really laugh.

Here’s a couple of tips that we put together to help safeguard your marriage.




  • Spend Time Together In:
    1.  Prayer
    2.  Devotions
    3.  Discussing the upcoming week
    4.  Decision making·  Make Time for a Date Night
    1.  Go out for coffee
    2.  Take a walk through a park
    3.  Go to a movie
    4.  Pack a picnic and eat outside

    · Work on Listening
    Men like to fix problems, women like to talk about them.  Use that vantage point for walking through trouble.  Remember if you’re a wife, you have to listen to your spouse as much as you want him to listen to you.  If you’re a husband, you need to simply listen and then figure out how to help.

    ·  Make Moments Throughout the DayFor Non-sexual Touch With Your Spouse
    God has created us to enjoy human touch.  If you make time for something simple like a pat on a hand or a tight hug before your spouse goes to work, it can mean setting them up for a happy day!

    ·   Check in During the Day
    By the time couples get home from work they are tired out and not their best version of themselves.  Take a moment in the day to text or call and say, “How are things going?” That way, when you arrive home, any tough spots in the day, you and your spouse are already aware of.  This will help you be sensitive to one another.

    ·   Avoid Any Alone Time With Someone of the Opposite Sex

    Scripture tells us that the enemy goes around seeking whom he may devour and an easy way to create conflict is to meet with that nice old boyfriend or girlfriend to “catch up.”  Or that attractive executive who just wants to grab coffee and “see how you’re doing,” but it isn’t work related.

    In today’s society, we can’t afford to risk a thing.  With social media, with the high pressures of work and family, each one of us is susceptible to sin.

    If you must meet with someone, make it morning coffee or lunch, and no more than an hour.  Let your spouse know why you have to meet and make sure it’s business-related or church-related.  Dean and I like to meet together with someone if it’s about ministry work.  If I had to meet for ministry purposes, I always took my assistant.

    In regards to old flames, we poured the bucket of water on them when we said, “I’ do!”  They’re no longer a flame.

“Be completely humble and gentle; Be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the spirit through the bond of peace.” Ephesians 4:2-3