The Wedding


By Kathy A. Weckwerth



Dallas & Jaron Hughes 2016












This past weekend was bitterly cold with winds whipping through the little grove sending a biting chill through your body.  No matter how many times I stand in front of the little church mid-winter, I can’t quite get used to the frigid wind.

The day was dark, but inside the church it was bright, warm and very happy.  Once again, the doors of the building opened up happily welcoming family and friends as they prepared to celebrate a wedding.  As I stood back and watched, I pondered how many of these weddings have taken place throughout the 116 years of Frank Lake Covenant’s existance.

I looked out over the small crowd and felt a sense of pride that our little church was still being used.  Now with a fresh new name, a fresh coat of paint, and a few updated improvements, its purpose was continuing to be fulfilled … and a wedding at that!

The bride was dressed in a beautiful gown with little beads that sparkled from the lanterns that adorned the aisle.  Her hair was curled beautifully and cream veil flowed neatly to the middle of her back.  She carried a lovely bouquet of flowers in hues of deep peachy orange and cream.

Down the center aisle, navy blue silky material was tied around each pew, while a small gold lantern was lit at the pew’s edge.

The groom looked handsome in his dark suit and as I looked at his face and watched him, I could see how much he loved his bride.  Just moments earlier, he and I stood in front of the wedding picture of the Sands, a couple who were married in the same spot over 100 years ago.  Now this couple would be added to the list of those who committed their lives to one another over the past 116 years.

The excitement of the parents and family members felt electric.  I pulled the big accordion door shut, lit the lanterns on the stairs, and began to play the quiet piano music from the 1940’s piano as the bride was escorted by her daddy down the aisle.

As I listened to each one making their promises to love each other, I breathed a quiet prayer to thank God that they met, and to thank God that somehow I could be a small part of this moment.  It’s an extra blessing that Frank Lake Covenant could host this special day as they begin their journey together.

Somewhere I can imagine the happiness of those special couples, who throughout the years stood in that same spot.  Recognizable names from the area like Mamie Falk, Emma Sands, and Marlene Hauge.  Women who felt that same joy, excitement, and comfort in reciting vows of marriage to the one they love.

As the ceremony came to an end, I watched the couple, so obviously in love and ready for whatever lies ahead.

Farmer Dean and I wish them the best … from our little grove … to their journey.

Grace … peace … and love, friends.

Marlene Hauge wedding pic

Hauge Wedding at Frank Lake circa 1965