The Busyness of Christmas


The beautiful Christmas season is upon us. Soft falling snow, evergreen trees adorned with twinkling lights, cookie baking, holiday parties, and shopping, all welcome in the festiveness of the season.

But along with all of the wonderful traditions that make up the season, we usher in a state of busyness.

The world tells us that the busier we are, the more respected we become. If we can juggle the job, handle the children, balance the relationships, and keep it all spinning, our everydayathon becomes the norm.

The word busyness means: full of activity, while the opposite of busyness is peace. Peace is described as — a state of calm. The words are completely opposite. One brings stress, the other offers hope … hope for a better tomorrow.

Before Thanksgiving, I became inundated with an overwhelming amount of work. I took each task, organized the days, and left something out. I eliminated time for rest, time for peace.  

Day after day I would cheerlead myself on to the next thing, until I got to Thanksgiving  and family arrived for the holiday.

Exhausted, cold, tired and starting to feel a sore throat, I made my way through the cooking, cleaning, entertaining and as the visitors left, I found myself sick in bed with the flu.

It was in those moments that I heard the prompting. It started as a whisper, then gently became a stronger voice in my heart and mind. I heard the Spirit of God gently pressing in to say, “Enough, Kathy. Enough. It’s time for rest.”

“But I don’t want to rest,” I told God, “I have much to do.” 

After many attempts to return to work, I gave in to God. I gave in to rest. I gave in to the peace that surrounded me, gently tucked warm blankets around my feet and watched the snow fall softly outside my window.

I realized a valuable lesson: Busyness comes with a cost. When we put everything before ourselves, our relationship with God, and our own health, we are not helping others. 

What will your Christmas season be like? Will you over-work, over-do, and be overwhelmed? Or will you embrace the moments that God has provided for rest and peace?

Christmas is a time to focus on the Savior, born to save us from our sins. Let’s embrace that good news and let everything else flow from that focus.

Cherish the Savior. Cherish the season. It’s upon us.