Best Life Ministries' purpose is to create help, hope and healing by bringing the knowledge of Christ to the hearts and minds of women everywhere..

Best Life Ministries is a nonprofit organization that delivers a motivational women's conference to the local church, as well as weekly Bible studies, original books from our speakers, YOUR BEST magazine, blogs, and a radio show called YOUR BEST with Kathy Weckwerth (ITunes).

Best Life Ministries delivers motivational, inspirational One-Day events to local churches and organizations throughout the Midwest states.

kathy weckwerth

Founder & Executive Director

Today’s women are overwhelmed, over-loaded, and under-encouraged. Many people are walking with a mentality that asks, “Is this it? Is this the best it gets?” They’re tired and frustrated. Their workload is fatiguing to their souls and bodies. They’re uncertain about how to tap into the resources that God provides us through His Word, His Son, and through the encouragement that we can purposefully learn how to make the most out of each day.

At Best Life Ministries, our desire is to lift up and redirect women’s hearts and minds, so that they can focus on the Savior, who meets our needs, give us hope, and encourages us to walk out the Best Life we can.

As someone who was once walking with a victim mentality, I have now been able to walk through that, allow God to heal the pain, and am freed up to embrace the good news that Christ died for me and has made me new in Him. With that knowledge,  I embrace the plan and life God offers … a better life … our Best Life. At Best Life Ministries, we believe that when you make that conscious effort to allow God to be the Lord of your life, with that decision, you open up His authority to embrace your Best Life.

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2019 speakers


To All the staff at Best Life Ministries- Today was an amazing Conference! This was one of the best things I have done for myself lately.  Thank you so much for sharing your personal stories...
It reminded me that we all have a story. I am ready to strengthen my relationship with God.   I loved all the music today, again Thanks so much for an Amazing conference! I look forward to
seeing you all again. 

Alicia Roelike - Montevideo, MN

Our little "crazy girls club" has been meeting for weekly Bible study with coffee and yummy breakfast, slowly making our way through the be.attitudes workbook.  Our sweet leader invites us to her home and sets an atmosphere for lots of laughter. The study has sparked a freedom for us to tell the truth about our struggles and our need for our Savior's love.  And the beautiful words in Matthew 5 are reshaping our hearts as we consider the truth about God's Word; it's simply healing.

Women's small group - Pillager, MN

Who are we?

Best Life Ministries is a conference in a box.  We bring worship, main session and workshops to your location with no need to travel anywhere and the motivational event brings individuals to your church and community.

Cost to You

Ticket price is $36 for this all-day event. $24 for small rural churches.  Best Life sells tickets through your church or you can purchase them online at our website.  The church provides lunch to the attendees.

How does this benefit you?

By bringing Best Life to your location, you can build into your women’s ministries, partner with surrounding communities, bring encouragement to others and open your doors to people without a church home. Best Life travels within the Midwest states.