Best Life Ministries Women’s Conference

Sample Event Schedule


8:30   Registration & Check In (breakfast items served)

9:00   Welcome & Worship

9:15 Introduction from Best Life & Your Women’s Leader

9:20   Main Session with Executive Director, Kathy Weckwerth

10:20  Workshops Speaker I

11:30 Worship

11:45  Lunch

12:30  Worship

12:45    Workshops Speaker II

1:45 Worship

2:00   Main Session with Executive Director, Kathy Weckwerth

2:30-2:45   Closing Thoughts & Prayer



Conference Checklist


Ten Weeks Prior to Conference:

 Select a Planning Team Coordinator who will work directly with Best Life Ministries’ staff.

 Assign Team Coordinators for the following Teams:

  1. Promotion, Publicity, Ticket Sales Team
  2. Welcome & Décor Team
  3. Food & Beverage Team
  4. Setup & Take Down Team
  5. Prayer Team
  6. Tech Team (Audio, Graphics, Video, Lighting)
  7. Emergency Response Team

 Receive promotional package from Best Life Ministries: Event Posters & Tickets.

 Advertise on host church website and hang posters in-house, include bulletin inserts in Sunday bulletins.

 Plan food menu and discuss purchase and preparation, or book food catering.

 Begin to prepare intercessory team for meetings and prayer requests.


Nine Weeks Prior to Conference:

 Plan meeting time with Team Coordinators and meet to pray and discuss the event. Dismiss each team to meet separately to work through details of their part of conference.

 Prepare for ticket sales on premises and website (host church directs to Best Life Ministries site)

 Email Best Life Ministries with prayer requests.


Eight Weeks Prior to Conference:

 Determine logistics of classrooms and seating.

 Discuss setup and tear down.

 Determine logistics of parking for attendees.

 Continue to promote conference in-house and surrounding community.

 Determine if host church wants to provide giveaways and drawings. Locate donation merchandise.


Seven Weeks Prior to Conference:

 Plan meeting time with Team Coordinators and meet.

 Begin to advertise outside of church: newspaper, radio, email, set up a facebook invite for women from your church.

 Advertise in-house with Best Life Ministries video

 Set up ticket area at host church for ticket sales

 Decide on appropriate welcome team attire. For example, volunteers could all wear black t-shirts so they are easy to locate.


Six Weeks Prior to Conference:

 Set up ticket area at host church for ticket sales

 Discuss with Food & Beverage Coordinator logistics of coffee and treats for Friday and water bottles for breaks on Saturday.

 Contact local merchants for possible water bottle donation (they can write off on their taxes).

 Discuss table set up.

 Outside Banner can be hung if desired to help advertise.

 Contact Best Life Ministries with Prayer Requests.


Five Weeks Prior to Conference:

 Call Best Life Ministries with an update on ticket sales.

 Discuss the location of rooms for speakers and necessary seating to accommodate numbers.

 Confirm Sound Tech.

 Confirm with Best Life Ministries the ability to run our screen graphics.


Four Weeks Prior to Conference:

 Plan meeting time with Team Coordinators and meet.

 Promoting Ticket Sales: Personal calls to women’s ministries, small groups, friends, neighbors. Save the date emails, bulletin inserts, DVD promo, church website ad, link to Best Life website ad, radio spot, community bulletin boards, drop off bulletin inserts to partnering churches, facebook advertise.


Three Weeks Prior to Conference:

 If necessary, plan meeting time with Team Coordinators and meet.

 Call Best Life Ministries with an update on ticket sales.

 Email prayer requests to Best Life Ministries.


Two Weeks Prior to Conference:

 Check in with Best Life Ministries to make sure that details are in place, and pray together.

 Make sure all sound equipment is in order. Microphones, guitar amp (if applicable).

 Confirm Sound Tech.

 Confirm Screen Graphics Tech.

 Confirm details with all team leaders.


One Week Prior to Conference:

 Contact Best Life Ministries for final details.

 Email Best Life Ministries with prayer requests.

 Confirm volunteer trained for medical emergency procedures.

 Confirm time food will be delivered.

 Best Life Ministries  provides sticky name tags for women who check into conference.  Double check spelling of attendees names and coordinate with Executive Director.


Conference Day:

 Best Life Team arrives in church host building 7:30 a.m.

 Prayer time with host church leaders 8:15 a.m.

 Double check sound/graphics.

 Welcome Team and Greeters arrive 8:00 a.m. Conference folders will be passed out by greeters at each entrance. Welcome Team should be available to help pass out programs, answer questions about location of classrooms, and answer any questions about the church (bathrooms, times of services, counselors, pastor’s name etc.)

 Team arrives for morning coffee set up 8:00 a.m.

 Team Leaders confirm food arrival for lunch.

 Set up double checked.

 Music playing.

 Table set up for check in, with associates helping to sell any tickets for “day of” sales.

 Welcome Team dispersed at doors.

 Registration begins at 8:30 a.m.

 Begin at 9:00 a.m. with worship

 2:30-2:45 closing time/prayer.

 Clean Up Crew takes over.