Ready to have a day where you meet with God, spend time with others, and feel restored?  
Join us for our conference topic for 2024:

Be the Light!

Who Are We?  Best Life Ministries is a conference in a box, offering conferences for women. We bring worship, main session and workshop speakers to your location with no need to travel the Midwest. As an outreach, this motivational event brings individuals to your church and community.

Cost to You:  Ticket price is $25 for this 8:30-11:45a event. We also offer an 8:30a-2:30p event for the same fee. Best Life sells tickets through your church or you can purchase them online at our website.  The church provides lite breakfast items and coffee to the attendees, or breakfast items and lunch if the one-day event is chosen.

How does this benefit you?  By bringing Best Life to your location, you can build into your women’s ministry, partner with surrounding communities, bring encouragement to others and open your doors to people without a church home.  Best Life travels within the Midwestern states.

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