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Events Fall 2023

Becoming Your Best
Saturday, September 9, 2023
Villisca United Methodist Church, Villisca, IA
Speakers:  Kathy Weckwerth,  Dr. Mary Schultze Michener and Tiffany Felty
$26per person. Lite breakfast and lunch included.
Pre-register online:  bestlifeministries.com OR purchase your tickets onsite at the church.


Becoming Your Best
Saturday, September 30, 2023
9:00 am-2:30pm
Riverwood Community Church/Women’s Camp Zumbro Falls, MN
Speakers:  Kathy Weckwerth,  Jena HIllenbrand and Tiffany Felty
$26per person.
Register at Riverwood Community Church, Cannon Falls, MN


Becoming Your Best
Saturday, October 7, 2023
Lighthouse Church, Plato, MN
Speakers: Kathy Weckwerth, Tammy Rolf, Sandra Sheih
$26per person. Lite breakfast included.
Pre-register online: bestlifeministries.com OR purchase your tickets onsite at the church.


Workshops Offered in 2023

Kathy WeckwerthKathy Weckwerth, Executive Director
Becoming Your Best

Through the trials and pain, through stretching and growing, how can we allow God to work in us and through us to make us our best? Join Bible study author and Pastor Kathy A. Weckwerth as she motivates you to determine what changes you need to make and how to begin to take steps at becoming your best.

Jena Hillenbrand Becoming Confident in Christ

Today’s world attempts to define us and can hold us back from becoming the best version of who we really are. During this encouraging workshop, Jena will walk through Scriptures revealing how our real identity and authority comes from our Creator. She’ll help you determine how to live a life focused on God’s vision of who we are.

Tiffany Felty
Taking Steps to Be Your Best

How do we ground ourselves in the truth of God’s love and walk out our best life? By savoring Scripture and strengthening our prayer muscles! Join Tiffany Felty in this inspiring workshop that will teach us that we can become better by studying Scripture and developing a deeper commitment to prayer!

Dr. Mary Schulze Michener
Making Changes Not Excuses

At times, God calls us to make changes even when our heart isn’t in it. How do we find strength, motivation and enthusiasm when we don’t feel like making an effort? In this workshop, Dr. Mary will help you understand how God intervenes and gives tools and energy when we need to make changes to better our lives.

Sandra Sheih
Becoming the Best Listener

Longing to deepen your relationship with God? In a world where no one seems to listen anymore, this workshop will help you fine tune your listening skills. Join Sandra as she shares practical tools, inspirational stories, and real-life applications to help you learn to recognize, hear and respond to God’s voice.

Dr. Scott Abrams
Freedom From Addiction Today’s society offers many escapes from our problems and encourages avenues of addiction.  Whenever addiction is present in a life or family, it creates  destruction, shame, and remorse.  As Dr. Scott relays his story of drug addiction, you will discover meaningful and relatable tactics to give you the encouragement to walk in freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sara Hankel
Becoming Your Best at Being Less Stressed
The world tells us that strategic planning, and attaining your destination are necessities to acquiring  satisfaction.  God has a different plan! Join Sara in this eye-opening workshop as she helps you understand how to find freedom from the busyness of your everyday schedule.




Tammy Rolf
Strategies to Becoming Your Best

Each one of us was created for a purpose. Do you struggle to know what that purpose is and how it fits into your life? Join Tammy as she walks you through the scriptures and offers strategies of how to take back your day and step into your future. Embrace the beautiful purpose and plans you were created for.