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THIS EVENT IS BEING RESCHEDULED DUE TO A DEATH IN THE FAMILY of Executive Director, Kathy Weckwerth.  Refunds will be made through paypal if you paid online.

Ignite Your Faith
Saturday, September 24, 2022
8:30am-2:30 pm
Villisca United Methodist Church, Villisca, Iowa
Speakers:  Kathy Weckwerth, Jena Hillenbrand, Dr. Mary Schulze Michener
$24  Lite Breakfast and lunch included.
Purchase Tickets online or at United Villisca Methodist


Becoming Your Best

Saturday, January 28, 2023

Riverwood Community Church, Cannon Falls, MN
Speakers:  TBD
$26 Breakfast included.
Pre-register by email:  kathy@bestlifeministries.com or (320) 316-3338

Workshops Offered in 2022~ Ignite Your Faith

Kathy WeckwerthKathy Weckwerth, Executive Director
Ignite Your Faith
With recent changes in our world, many of us have embraced an attitude of boredom and apathy.  Our flame of excitement for life and for God has burned out.  Join Executive Director, Kathy Weckwerth, as she motivates you to ignite the flame of faith and put the spark back into your soul.

Jena Hillenbrand
Kindling Change in Your Life
Where are you at on your life’s journey today?  Do you avoid situations and challenges because you’re afraid to walk through change?  In this motivational workshop with Jena, you will gather Scripture, encouragement and direction to learn to cope with life’s changes, embracing God’s plan for you.

Tiffany Felty
Fanning the Flame of Prayer
Feeling like the desire for prayer and spending time in God’s Word has dwindled in your everyday life? Wondering how you can fight against the daily stress and attacks from the enemy? Join Tiffany and learn how to pray effectively and study God’s Word. Fan the fire for personal growth.

Dr. Mary Schulze Michener
Squelching the Flames of Perfectionism
Do you struggle with believing you have to be perfect in everything you do?  Are you impatient with yourself and think you’ll never be good enough? Join Dr. Mary as she teaches how to allow God to work with us and through us, using our imperfections to deepen our relationship with Him and others.

Sandra Sheih
Fueling Your Fire with Jesus
Do you ever wonder how you can walk through trials and fires in life with Jesus, and get through without burns?  Or how to bring His light, hope and encouragement to others when they are facing fiery trials?  Join Sandra as she reveals how to walk intimately with Jesus and experience His peace, comfort, and joy regardless of your circumstances.

Dr. Scott Abrams
Igniting the Flame of Freedom From Addiction Today’s society offers many escapes from our problems and encourages avenues of addiction.  When addiction is present in a life or family, it creates  destruction, shame, and remorse.  As Dr. Scott relays his story of drug addiction, you will discover meaningful and relatable tactics to give you the encouragement to light the flame of freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sara Hankel
Igniting the Faith to Follow God
The world tells us that strategic planning, life maps, and attaining your destination are necessities to acquiring ultimate satisfaction.  But if we’re caught up in planning, we miss God’s plan. Join Sara in this powerful workshop as she helps you find freedom from the busyness of your everyday schedule. Discover how to roam freely in pursuit of God.

Pastor Lewie Schultz
Igniting the Flame of  Forgiveness
In this motivational workshop, Pastor Lewie delivers techniques that will help you fan the flame of developing a deeper intimacy in your everyday relationships at home and in your church. Find out how to value freedom by offering forgiveness to those who have hurt you. God’s desire is for us to work past hurts, conflict and pain and to be set free!