Event Schedule

Ignite Your Faith
Saturday, March 5, 2022

Servant of Christ Lutheran Church, Champlin, MN
Speakers:  Kathy Weckwerth, Sandra Sheih, and Jena Hillenbrand
$30 per person. Lite breakfast and lunch included.
Pre-register by email: or (320) 316-3338 OR purchase your tickets onsite at the church.

Ignite Your Faith
Saturday, May 7, 2022

Church in the Grove, Benson, MN
Speakers:  TBD
$24 per person. Breakfast included.
Pre-register by email: or (320) 316-3338

Workshops Offered in 2022

Kathy WeckwerthKathy Weckwerth, Executive Director
Finding Freedom from Expectations and Disappointments
Life is filled with expectations, and those expectations can create discouragement, depression and resentment.   We become trapped in perfectionism and find fault and failure when expectations are not met. Join Kathy as she uses God’s Word and personal stories to deliver tools to become free from setting ourselves and others up for failure.

Jena Hillenbrand
Finding Freedom to Be Brave
Today’s world portrays itself as having it all together, but in reality, many are suffering, feeling alone, and hiding behind a facade. Jena will share her personal journey of how she portrayed a perfect marriage and home life, all the while, addiction had taken over.  In this motivating workshop, Jena offers helpful tactics on how to find the freedom to be brave and become independent of perpetual cover-ups and pains of addiction.

Tiffany Felty
Finding God’s Truths That Set Us Free
Troubles and burdens from our everyday lives can weigh us down, and  life becomes heavy and unbearable. Often, we become bogged down and held back from lies that obstruct God’s truth. Join Tiffany as she reveals freedom with help from God’s Word and helps you discover the truth about who you are and who He is.

Dr. Mary Schulze Michener
Emotional Freedom Through Transformational Change
As women, we can feel trapped by our  emotions.  Fear, anxiety, sadness, and anger can corner us and hijack the way we think and respond. In this inspiring workshop, Dr. Mary teaches ways to have freedom from uncontrolled emotions and share strategies to cope with difficult situations by utilizing God-given ideas and responses.

Sandra Sheih
Freedom from the Weight of Our Struggles
Each one of us experience struggles in life, such as the loss of a loved one, chronic illness, family dynamics, money, addiction, parenting issues, or caring for a parent. There may be seasons when the weight of our problems seem too much to bear. In this inspirational workshop, Sandra will teach tips and tactics on how to rise above the struggle and depend on God to help you walk in freedom.

Dr. Scott Abrams
Freedom From Addiction Today’s society offers many escapes from our problems and encourages avenues of addiction.  Whenever addiction is present in a life or family, it creates  destruction, shame, and remorse.  As Dr. Scott relays his story of drug addiction, you will discover meaningful and relatable tactics to give you the encouragement to walk in freedom through the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sara Hankel
Free to Roam
The world tells us that strategic planning, life maps, and attaining your destination are necessities to acquiring ultimate satisfaction.  But if we’re always caught up in the planning, we miss God’s plan.  Join Sara in this eye-opening workshop as she helps you understand how to find freedom from the busyness of your everyday schedule. Through scripture and personal life stories, she will encourage you to appreciate your journey as you discover how to roam freely in pursuit of God.

Pastor Lewie Schultz
Finding Your Freedom from Unforgiveness
In this motivational workshop, Pastor Lewie delivers techniques that will help you to develop a deeper intimacy in your everyday relationships at home and in your church. He will help you understand the value of embracing freedom by offering forgiveness to those who have hurt you. God’s desire is for us to work past hurts, conflict and pain and to be set free!