Lynne, MN
“It was all so good, but the best part was the people.  I felt so welcomed and special.  I felt like I wanted what all of these women who were speaking had….a stronger relationship with Jesus.”

Betsy, MN
“I absolutely loved it!”

“The transparency of speakers and helpful tips to move forward.”  Jill, Marshall, MN

“Love how real and open the speakers are.” Jen- Slayton, MN

“All were fabulous- I feel inspired and ready to work on things!”  

Jenny from Otsego, MN
“I loved the conference concept and how you carried it out.”

“Real life topics and real life people talking about them!” Maple Grove, MN


Sarah from Shakopee, MN
“Energetic, Encouraging, and Equipping.  Can’t wait to implement what I learned throughout the one day event!”

Becky from Rogers, MN
“This conference was well organized, upbeat and had great topics.”

Tara from Rogers, MN
“The genuine faith of the ministry team stood out to me.”

“Bethel is so thankful to have partnered with Best Life for a day of life-changing, Christ-centered, and spiritually encouraging ministry to women. There was a strong sense of God’s presence in all that was done and the power of God’s Spirit permeated hearts and minds. I pray that the outstanding worship, fellowship, teaching, and training that characterized this event will be used by God in a powerful way to advance the Gospel. To God be the glory!”

Rev. Ralph Gustafson – Former Executive Minister for Church Relations, Bethel University

Rachel from Raymond, MN
“Wonderful speakers with so much wisdom, encouragement and testimonies of truth. I highly recommend this to any women’s ministries.”

Bonnie from Litchfield, MN
“I enjoyed every moment. It was a complete joy and gift from God!”

Jeanne from Cosmos, MN
“I liked the diversity of classes, the great food and fabulous fellowship.”

“The Best Life Conference that we hosted was a real win for us as a church. The content was uplifting and well presented. The teaching, done in the context of personal stories, was very powerful. The speakers really shared themselves. It was also a great context for building relationships on the deeper foundation of Christ. We saw many women both from our church and our community bond in special ways. Those that invited friends were glad they did. As an added bonus, the men of NorthRidge that served during the weekend thoroughly enjoyed themselves and those friendships were strengthened as well. We are glad we could partner with Best Life Ministries.”

Ben McEachern – Lead Pastor, NorthRidge Fellowship

Shari from Litchfield, MN
“To the Best Life team….what a great, great thing this conference was! I’ve never been to one before and I am taking home a lot of things to pray about and work on. Thank you!”

Sharon, Bethel conference attendee
“It was amazing! It went beyond my expectations. I was greatly touched by the speakers testimonies. The band moved me to tears of joy! I can’t wait to attend another conference!!”


Ruth, Prior Lake, MN
“We were a bit nervous about having a “bigger” event at our church, as we are a very small congregation. Our worries were put to rest though as soon as the Best Life ladies arrived. They were gracious and kind, and had nothing but supportive and loving things to say to us about our church, and what we had done to decorate and prepare for the event.  Not only were their talks heartfelt and full of wonderful words from God, but their actions were those of gracious, loving, and beautiful women of God. Best Life is a blessing and we are grateful for the time we got to spend with them. “

Lori McCormick, Connections & Women’s Ministry Director, Friendship Church, Shakopee, MN
“We had such an amazing Christ-centered day at our Best Life Ministries One Day Event.  Biblical truth was taught with life stories woven throughout, and great analogies were offered to help us remember. The whole Best Life Team is there to share their lives, encourage you, teach you, laugh and cry with you, and pray with the ladies attending the conference.  Best Life Ministries are easy and fun to work with, bathed the conference in prayer, and continually communicated with us. We would highly recommend them!”


Tony Singer, Performing Arts Administrative Assistant, Horizon Community Church, Ham Lake, MN
“Our church hosted a Best Life Ministries Conference for Women this year.  It was a great conference in that it impacted a lot of women with the  meaningful worship and great speakers.   One of the best things about putting on this conference is that the Best Life Ministries’ team does the majority of the work in presenting this conference.  They provide the worship, speakers, registration, and even help with some of the promotion for the conference.  We are definitely going to have the Best Life Ministries Women’s Conference at our church again next year.  We can’t wait!”

Mary Ahrenholz, President of RCW at Bethany Reformed Church, Clara City, MN
“Kathy was a true joy to work with and always right there to help with any little thing that came our way in planning this day.  Everything was very organized and communication was always open as we came upon our day of conference.  There is a lot of prayer and thought that goes into every conference.  All of her staff were so friendly and excited to be with us. Thanks to Kathy and her staff at Best Life Ministries.”

Kathy Presenting

Ali Baker, Women’s Ministry Director, St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Hanover, MN
“We are so pleased that we invited Best Life Ministries to our church!  The Biblically-based worship and sessions renewed the women of our congregation and community.  We’ll be having them back to learn more about god’s Word and His plan for our lives.  We’re already looking forward to next year!”

Jessi Wendland, Women’s Leader, Faith Lutheran Church, Hutchinson, MN
“The Best Life Ministries team and their One- Day-Event format was exceptional. They were very organized and detail-oriented prior to the event.  Their format is easy to bring into your church or facility and host an event open to all women.  The engaging speakers certainly touched the hearts of many in the room.  I would strongly recommend inviting Best Life Ministries into your home church or hometown.  Women of all different ages and from different churches were able to unite in this one-day Christian Women’s Conference. “


Linda Liestman, Women’s Conference Coordinator, Grace United Methodist Church, Paynesville, MN
“This past weekend was our community’s first Best Life Ministries’ women’s conference. We opened it to the entire community and beyond. It was a great success! Our hosting team and church felt very supported by Best Life staff, who have been just wonderful in getting us through to production day. The day began with tremendous power and enthusiasm that seemed to be felt by everyone and this followed through to day’s end. Women were so happy to be there, and many want to know when it will come again. The speakers and staff are so genuine and gave so much of themselves. Attendees will be talking about what they learned and gleaned from this conference for a long time to come. So glad we found Kathy and the whole crew of Best Life!”

Best Life Ministries Conference 030Best Life Ministries Conference 060


Julia Perry, Women’s Coordinator, Calvary Community Church, Nebraska City, NE
“Many topics – but just ONE message!  Being a host site for a women’s conference with Best Life Ministries was an amazing experience.  Kathy’s keynote gave us hope, Kathleen gave us a glimpse of revival, Mary reminded us that we are fearfully and wonderfully made and Tiffany taught that religion (to do again + Latin, band, tie, from ligare) to reconnect was not a bad thing!  She made us hunger for the Word of God and see it anew.”

Pat Giese, Conference Attendee
“I recently attended a Best Life One Day Event.  I was blown away by the energy and heartfelt sharing of each speaker’s “story”.   God has blessed each one of you with a gift of sharing your faith walk with Jesus.  The day left me inspired, awestruck, and with peace in my heart knowing that the Spirit was working through you to speak to me.  In my world, the best presentations are those that have you laughing and crying all within 5 minutes time.  You all  managed to tug on my heartstrings causing a tear to flow, but then eject humor into your next sentence.  Thank you for sharing your authentic selves.”

Lunch 2