Radio Christmas Drama Part II

[headline h=”2″]Dr. Cox Directs the Community Christmas Drama {Part II}[/headline]
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[callout]Have you ever wondered if people really take time to focus on the real Christmas story, and what Christmas is truly about? Join Dr. Cox, a zany psychiatrist who has taken a break from her practice to direct the local community Christmas play, and the Samuelson family, who will try to help her, as they explore the true meaning of Christmas.[/callout]

[headline h=”3″]Listen now, as the set is being built for the community drama. . .[/headline]

[headline h=”5″]Part II[/headline]


[headline h=”5″]Part I[/headline]


Drama slide

[headline h=”2″]CAST[/headline]

Narrator, Jessica, Angel-Kathy Weckwerth

Dr. Cox, Scripture Narrator, Shepherd-Traci Cox

Sandy Samuelson, Jessica, Shepherd, Mary- Diane Bakker

Brent Samuelson, InnsKeeper, Scripture Narrator, Shepherd, Joseph—Tyler Bakker

Brad Samuelson, Child Narrator-James Bakker

Garth Hjelte-Justin